by | January 18, 2021 | 18:01

A third candidate, Norbert Röttgen, was eliminated in the previous round. The CDU is part of the Union bloc along with the Bavaria-only Christian Social Union, and the two parties will decide together on the centre-right candidate for chancellor.

by | January 18, 2021 | 17:33

The presidential inaugural committee and Bowser have told Americans not to travel to the inauguration , and said Washington's National Mall would be covered with 191,500 flags of different sizes, to represent the missing crowds. With an impeachment trial looming, though, it doesn't seem that the President has too many attorneys willing to defend. She said in a statement that the House responded "appropriately" with impeachment and she will consider the trial arguments.

by | January 18, 2021 | 15:26

It comes as a ban on travellers from South America and Portugal came into force on Friday over concerns about a new variant identified in Brazil . After his comments leaked, Mr Baker later tweeted: "I am clear Boris is the only person to lead us out of these difficulties and I support him in that endeavour".

by | January 18, 2021 | 14:38

The paper also included a line reading "move Kash Patel to CIA Acting", a seeming suggestion for President Donald Trump to fire CIA Director Gina Haspel and move Patel, a Trump loyalist recently installed at the Pentagon amid a purge of senior civilian officials, to fill the role.

by | January 18, 2021 | 12:30

It was soon overshadowed by the pandemic, which is probably the real reason behind Trump's fall in the United States 2020 general election. Those Republicans who voted to impeach in the House included political heavyweights including Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney, whose father Dick Cheney served as vice president under George W.

by | January 18, 2021 | 11:12

The Democrat politician is due to be inaugurated as president of the United States on Wednesday. Armored vehicles and troops are positioned around the Capitol and other government buildings. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, a Republican, closed the Capitol until after Biden's inauguration and activated hundreds of National Guard members. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told The Associated Press on Sunday that officials are conscious of the potential threat, and he warned commanders to be on the ...

by | January 18, 2021 | 10:10

More than 12,700 tests were conducted in the 24 hours up until 8pm on Saturday. "It is important for people to start thinking about the vaccine now", Ms Berejiklian said. "The drop in daily testing numbers is of concern and NSW Health renews its calls for people to get tested if they are experiencing even the mildest of symptoms", Dr McAnulty said in a statement on Monday.

by | January 18, 2021 | 08:00

The Honduran migrants are trying to cross Guatemala to reach Mexico , driven by deepening poverty and the hope of a warmer reception if they can reach the United States border. During the chaotic melee, security forces fired off a tear gas canister and used a stun grenade to disperse the crowd, a Reuters photographer said.

by | January 18, 2021 | 02:15

A number of passengers and a driver are hurt after an MTA bus shot right off the road through the barrier, and was left hanging off an overpass late Thursday night in Morris Heights. "He takes his job very seriously", said Dahalia Beccan. "Preliminary indications are that the bus operator was very helpful, very heroic, was able to help customers get off the bus to safety", MTA Bus Company President Craig Cipriano said of the incident.

by | January 18, 2021 | 02:13

After the collapse of Rutte's first cabinet in 2012, which was brought down when Geert Wilders refused to sign off a €16 billion emergency austerity package, the Netherlands still needed to make urgent cuts in its budget to meet the terms of the European Growth and Stability Pact.

by | January 17, 2021 | 23:13

Confusion surrounded his arrival in Russian Federation - his plane was scheduled to land at Moscow's Vnukovo Airport, where supporters and media were waiting. The screens at Vnukovo then showed the flight as being diverted to Moscow's Sheremetyevo. Groups opposed to Mr Navalny are also planning to show up at the airport.

by | January 17, 2021 | 23:01

Prosecutors in Arizona had claimed on Thursday that rioters, especially Chansley, who was photographed standing at Vice President Mike Pence's desk in the Senate chambers, had sought to "capture and assassinate" elected officials. On January 6, a group of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol to protest legislators confirming electoral slates from battleground US states they thought were invalid.

by | January 17, 2021 | 21:34

On Friday, President Mahmoud Abbas enacted a decree-law on holding legislative, presidential, and National Council elections in the coming months starting with legislative elections on 22 May. It called for fair elections, in which "electorates can express their will without restrictions or pressures". Gaza is now a Hamas stronghold, while Abbas's power base is in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

by | January 17, 2021 | 20:53

Of the 29 people who died, 13 have been confirmed to have died from the vaccine, while others are under investigation in the case of death.Death toll exceeds 80The Norweyin Medicine Agency said that among the people investigated for the deaths were vulnerable, elderly people who lived in nursing homes.

by | January 17, 2021 | 20:27

Troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan have dropped, acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller announced Friday. "Convention dictates that reducing troop levels, associated equipment and adjusting associated force protection requirements across a country-wide combat zone is not something that can be paused overnight without increasing risk to the force and core mission goals", Lodewick said.

by | January 17, 2021 | 17:53

Kunduz provincial council member Khaluddin Hakimi said 10 security personnel were killed while 10 others were wounded. "Two female judges were killed, and two others were wounded in the attack", the statement said. Some of these killings have been claimed by the ISIL (ISIS) armed group. Earlier this month the USA military for the first time directly accused the Taliban of orchestrating these attacks.

by | January 17, 2021 | 16:49

The source told Sputnik that a wide modernization capacity was laid forth during the early design stages of the Tu-214ON aircraft. As a reminder, the United States officially withdrew from the Open Skies Agreement on November 22. Trump declared Washington's intention to pull out of the Open Skies Treaty in May, arguing that Russian violations made it untenable for the United States to remain a party.

by | January 17, 2021 | 13:40

CANBERRA, Australia- A pigeon that Australia declared a biosecurity risk has received a reprieve after a US bird organization declared its identifying leg band was fake. "They wanted to know if I could help them out". "The only possible outcome to manage the biosecurity risk is humane destruction of the bird", the statement continued.

by | January 17, 2021 | 11:11

The congresswoman also said that she feared for her life during the riot, stating that "I did not know if I was going to make it to the end of that day alive. And adding insult to injury, three other Democrats have been infected with COVID-19 after being forced to shelter with Republicans who refused to wear masks.

by | January 17, 2021 | 08:55

A D.C. Superior Court judge on Saturday released Beeler on personal recognizance and ordered him not to return to the city except to appear in court or meet with his lawyer, according to The Washington Post . In the police report , obtained by TMZ, MPD lists 509 rounds of ammunition for a 9MM handgun - matching the Glock Beeler allegedly had - as well as 21 12-gauge shotgun shells and a 17-round magazine, which was loaded in the gun and ready to fire.

by | January 17, 2021 | 07:25

Over 50 mountaineers from around the world who are part of three worldwide expeditions are also to attempt the ascent this winter season. Former Gurkha and Special Boat Service soldier Nirmal "Nims" Purja and nine other Nepalese climbers reached the summit of K2 at midday United Kingdom time.

by | January 17, 2021 | 01:38

The rule change decision concerns two new strains of the deadly virus that have surfaced in Brazil and South Africa . "Upon arrival you must then quarantine for 10 days, not leaving your home for any reason at all", he added, though travellers can take another test after 5 days to get out earlier.

by | January 16, 2021 | 23:31

Tehran has been using the violations to put pressure on the other signatories Britain, France, Germany, China and Russian Federation to provide more incentives to Iran to offset crippling American sanctions reimposed after the USA exited the deal.

by | January 16, 2021 | 23:00

Capitol security officials failed to inform House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) ahead of last week's attack that the Capitol Police had warned they might need reinforcement from the National Guard, according to a report from The New York Times .

by | January 16, 2021 | 19:59

On Wednesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian criticized the document, saying it "only serves to expose the malign intention of the use its Indo-Pacific strategy to suppress and contain China and undermine regional peace and stability".