by | April 07, 2020 | 04:10

Ford and GM are undertaking a warlike effort to produce ventilators. Model 3 parts used in the Tesla ventilators include a mixing chamber and vehicle controllers and several components of its Model 3 infotainment system, including the touchscreen and infotainment computer.

by | April 06, 2020 | 20:42

Last week, stocks rose after oil surged more than 30 percent immediately after President Donald Trump said he expects Saudi Arabia and Russian Federation to back away from their price war . Oil-producing countries know that either they reach a diplomatic accord to cut, or the market will force production shut-downs on them, as storage both on land and at sea fills up.

by | April 06, 2020 | 19:39

Ford Motor Company is also using its resources for good , recently joining forces with 3M and GE Healthcare to ramp up production of much-needed respirators, ventilators, and face shields. She says Tesla has been trying to get up and running, but nothing has materialized yet. The timeline for production was not specified in the video.

by | April 06, 2020 | 16:11

Cook says that each face shield can be assembled in just two minutes and that 100 can be packed inside each box. But the company had also designed its own transparent protective face shield and begun mass production at its factories in the United States and China, he added.

by | April 05, 2020 | 23:25

A pair of new Honda's electric cars will be available as 2024 models. GM and Honda formed a strategic alliance in July 2013 to develop hydrogen fuel cell technology, a partnership that has produced some 1,200 patents. GM and Honda have a lot riding on these two cars. Honda will also utilise GM's OnStar safety and security services integrated with its own Hondalink , as well as the United States vehicle maker's advanced "hands-free" driver assist technologies.

by | April 05, 2020 | 18:52

United States dairy companies have seen a surplus of milk due to reduced needs in the food service sector, meaning that firms have been forced to "cut or change production schedules or build inventories", according to corporate communications vice-president of Dairy Farmers of America, Kristen Coady.

by | April 05, 2020 | 18:22

Still, the report was affected by the coronavirus pandemic . Indeed, the 4.4% is nearly certainly a mirage: in the latter half of March, as the initial unemployment filings help show, the job market got much worse. The New York Times, based on its own calculations, estimated Friday that the unemployment rate for March was actually in the range of 13%. European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen said the European Union would allocate up to €100 billion (S$155 billion) to the ...

by | April 05, 2020 | 16:00

Amazon will postpone its premier Prime Day shopping event, according to a report. The document separately indicated Amazon is looking into the ability to screen more than one person at a time for the virus, and it also wants to partner with a medical organization in its testing efforts.

by | April 05, 2020 | 14:15

He accused Schumer of spending too much time on the "prosecution hoax", and said he might have been "focused on helping the people of NY". The New York Democrat, appearing on MSNBC , had previously written the White House asking President Trump to appoint a military official as a czar to manage production and distribution of medical equipment and other supplies while invoking the Defense Production Act .

by | April 05, 2020 | 01:39

This week, after 3M received liability protection that it sought, the White House learned that not all of those masks were ready for the USA market, the official said. Trudeau did not specify where the expected chartered cargo flight was travelling from, but added that items destined for Quebec would be on board. The prime minister said that the federal government has now "leased a warehouse in China" to collect and distribute supplies more efficiently.

by | April 04, 2020 | 23:02

The device and delivery free of charge. "Ukraine is in dire need of ventilators", she wrote. According to him, ventilators are the most sought after commodities on earth as countries battle coronavirus. He only asked that the ventilators be used at hospitals that have an urgent influx of COVID-19 patients, so to not be kept unused in a storage warehouse.

by | April 04, 2020 | 22:09

SoftBank sent a letter to WeWork investors saying it could withdraw from the agreement if certain conditions weren't met by the deadline. SoftBank Group Corp said it has terminated a US$3 billion tender offer for additional WeWork shares agreed previous year with shareholders, drawing threats of legal action and plunging the floundering office space company further into crisis.

by | April 04, 2020 | 17:44

The scheme, unveiled by chancellor Rishi Sunak as part of a raft of measures to support businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, allows small businesses to apply for commercial loans of up to £ 5 million , with the government guaranteeing 80% of said loans and covering the first year of interest payments and fees.

by | April 04, 2020 | 15:56

For more information, read the Associated Press story below or visit . The IRS plans to send approximately 100 million checks out at a rate of 5 million per week, which could take 20 weeks, meaning that the final round of payments could go out as late as September.

by | April 04, 2020 | 14:41

Calhoun said the company is adjusting to its "new reality" through natural turnover and voluntary actions. Calhoun said Boeing was "doing everything possible to keep this team intact" during the pandemic. What that package would look like and who would be eligible is still being figured out. Boeing's share price dropped more than 5% in midday trading today.

by | April 04, 2020 | 06:23

An inmate at Federal Correctional Institution Elkton died Thursday after reporting symptoms similar to COVID-19, according to a release from the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Oakdale is a federal complex about a two-hour drive west of Baton Rouge, with two low-security prisons and one minimum-security camp housing around 1,900 total inmates.

by | April 04, 2020 | 01:43

To promote social distancing with its team and guests, Target will monitor store traffic, and meter, or limit, the number of guests inside stores, when needed. It will also donate two million KN95 respirator masks to medical professionals and and is looking to secure additional inventory for those in "critical need".

by | April 04, 2020 | 01:41

Growth in India will remain subdued after the country suffered a sharp slowdown previous year, from 6.1 per cent in fiscal 2019 to 5 per cent, as a credit crunch that originated in the non-banking financial sector severely hampered bank lending, the Manila-based lender said.

by | April 03, 2020 | 23:10

Besides Disney, numerous design companies of all sizes have been giving back too. The rescue package that was passed in Washington DC last week includes an extra $600 a week for those who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 related layoffs. The statement released late Thursday, April 2, 2020 from The Walt Disney Co . said the first wave of furloughs will start April 19 and involve workers whose jobs aren't necessary at this time.

by | April 03, 2020 | 19:39

Here's what we do know: Friday is when the program opens. Nonprofits, including churches and religious ministries, are eligible to receive funds covering up to 2.5 times their average monthly payroll, with a cap of $10 million per loan. The SBA says businesses should consult with their local lenders to confirm participation in the program. "How insane is this?" said Robyn Schultz, who operates Quality Electric, a commercial light industrial electrical company based in Birmingham, Alabama, ...

by | April 03, 2020 | 19:09

One of the main exceptions is some seniors who typically do not file returns. "Under pressure from activists around the country and our allies in Congress, the Trump Administration has reversed course", advocacy group Social Security Works said in a statement .

by | April 03, 2020 | 15:43

N95 masks have been in hot demand worldwide after the virus emerged in China before CCP mismanagement and a cover-up allow it to spread to more than 200 countries around the world. Home Depot's website also mentions they will be "eliminating major spring promotions to avoid high levels of traffic to stores". Home Depot also said it would join Walmart in checking employees' temperatures before shifts to ensure that they are healthy.

by | April 03, 2020 | 14:27

Shares in Britain's biggest banks fell heavily on Wednesday morning after they became the latest to scrap billions of pounds in dividends, as businesses scramble to save money by stopping payments to shareholders amid the coronavirus outbreak.

by | April 03, 2020 | 03:25

There are now more than 130,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States; as of Sunday afternoon 2355 people have died. On CBS' show " Face the Nation ", Mnuchin said that there will be a web-based application for those who didn't receive direct deposit to give the IRS the necessary information.

by | April 02, 2020 | 23:39

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying on Thursday defended as "open and transparent" China's response to the virus first identified in December in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. Deborah Birx, the State Department immunologist advising the White House on its response to COVID-19, said Tuesday that China's numbers influenced assumptions in other countries about the nature of the contagion.