by | December 19, 2019 | 20:55

Meanwhile around 6,500 nurses who are members of the Unison union, as well as Unite NIPSA (Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance) members, are taking part in a 24-hour strike. Unison regional secretary Patricia McKeown also told Northern Ireland Civil Service chief David Sterling in a letter yesterday that his "failure to act" was unacceptable.

by | December 19, 2019 | 07:23

The flashpoint between the two was reportedly when Mistry greenlighted Tata Power's $1.4-billion acquisition of Welspun's solar farms without allegedly seeking approval from key shareholders of Tata Sons or Tata himself. Dinshaw and Co in the 1930s. Relations were seen as amicable between Mistry and Tata till the former was removed as chairman of Tata Sons in October 2016.

by | December 18, 2019 | 23:12

The joint entity will have 'the leadership, resources and scale to be at the forefront of a new era of sustainable mobility, ' PSA and Fiat Chrysler said. "I have every confidence that with their enormous talent and their collaborative mindset, our teams will succeed in delivering maximized performance with vigor and enthusiasm", said in a statement Carlos Tavares of PSA.

by | December 18, 2019 | 22:39

Lighthizer told Fox Business Network that concerns raised by Mexico over the weekend about a Washington's plan to monitor Mexican labor standards under the deal involved a "misunderstanding" and were now resolved. The Republican-led Senate, however, won't take up the trade agreement until next year, after the chamber concludes the impeachment trial in which it is expected to acquit Trump and decide not to remove him from office.

by | December 18, 2019 | 19:26

Fred Smith, the company's CEO, called the current fiscal year one "of continued significant challenges and changes for FedEx". Thanksgiving this year was six days later than last year, making it the shortest stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas since 2013.

by | December 18, 2019 | 14:55

It seeks damages from Apple , Dell , Microsoft , Tesla and Google's parent company, Alphabet , on behalf of the families of child miners killed or maimed on the job. This is the first time such a case against tech companies. The company supports and respects human rights in a manner consistent with the universal declaration of human rights.

by | December 18, 2019 | 12:22

The Dow Jones Industrial Average also closed at a record high, it's second milestone this week. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 100.51 points, or 0.36 percent, to 28,235.89, the S&P 500 gained 22.65 points, or 0.71 percent, to 3,191.45 and the Nasdaq Composite added 79.35 points, or 0.91 percent, to 8,814.23.

by | December 18, 2019 | 08:24

What's more, if talks fructify and the proposed deal goes through, Uber may invest as much as $150-200 million in fresh capital in the Indian restaurant search and food delivery startup, added the report , citing sources . Their daily orders numbered less than 6,00,000 and it became hard for UberEats to handle their business when two of their key executives- Bhavik Rathod ( UberEats India and Southeast Asia Head) and Deepak Reddy ( Head of Central Operations, India) left the firm.

by | December 17, 2019 | 22:58

The company has revealed up to 519,000 products sold under the Hotpoint and Indesit brands in the United Kingdom between October 2014 and February 2018 will be recalled due to a potential fault which may cause a fire . Our priority is to keep consumers safe and we urge affected customers to unplug their washing machines , contact Whirlpool and follow its advice. Whirlpool said the issue was identified by its safety team, adding that "no serious injuries have been reported".

by | December 17, 2019 | 01:30

USA and Chinese officials announced on Friday that the two economic powerhouses had reached a phase one agreement after a combative 18-month trade war . On Sunday, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said a date for senior U.S. and Chinese officials' signing of the accord has not yet been determined.

by | December 16, 2019 | 22:53

To ensure that China keeps its commitments, Lighthizer said the United States government would periodically review China's actions. In addition, the phase one deal includes structural and other changes to China's economic and trade regime in intellectual property, technology transfer, agriculture, financial services, and currency and foreign exchange.

by | December 16, 2019 | 18:27

Aspiring rapper Arlando Henderson is alleged to have stolen at least $88,000 from the Wells Fargo bank in Charlotte, North Carolina . Arlando posted images and videos of him holding large stacks of cash on his social media accounts through July and August this year.

by | December 16, 2019 | 16:58

In one of those, however, it was later found that Autopilot had not been engaged. The NTSB also noted that Tesla Autopilot permitted the auto driver to become dangerously disengaged with driving. Even though no one was injured, it raises serious questions on the safety of the Tesla autopilot system and the Police have warned the drivers not to use the feature.

by | December 16, 2019 | 13:29

The Australian carrier said it would work closely with Airbus on a deal for as many as 12 aircraft, but no orders have yet been placed. The competition, which was based around the selection of ultra long haul aircraft, the Boeing 777X and the Airbus A350, has found a victor in Airbus , with the Airbus A350-1000 selected, if Project Sunrise proceeds.

by | December 16, 2019 | 11:54

One passenger, Ally Kemp , said on Twitter that the experience was "terrifying". The Sydney to Perth flight, which carries up to 271 passengers, departed just after 10am today. "We were on the runway waiting to be towed in and we started to smell burning", passenger Dillon Parker told the broadcaster. "My baby was asleep in my arms".

by | December 16, 2019 | 09:38

Cotten's death and the significant losses of Affected Users", the letter reads. Gerald Cotten, 30, held the virtual keys to a whopping $137 million in online currency kept in "digital wallets", when he died suddenly a year ago of complications of Crohn's Disease, according to the BBC .

by | December 15, 2019 | 22:29

Global equity markets and oil prices rose on Friday after China and the United States agreed on an initial trade deal that rolls back some USA tariffs in exchange for China's increased purchase of farm goods, cooling a contentious trade war.

by | December 15, 2019 | 21:55

Representatives argue about the structure of an global " carbon market" that sets prices for government-issued emissions certificates and a system that transfers funds from industrialized nations to poor countries to compensate them for climate damage.

by | December 15, 2019 | 02:55

Another media mogul, Andrew Jerrold Perenchio, bought it for £13.5 million in 1987 and enlisted Samuel, who spent five years gutting and restoring the palatial home, adding a parquet de Versaille floor in the garden room. According to Forbes , the home also includes "land that was once the residence of President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan ". Despite being priced as high as $500 million as a pocket listing, the eldest Murdoch son is said to have sealed the deal for around a ...

by | December 14, 2019 | 14:24

Ferrari will hope that they can perform better than they have this season and that they can genuinely challenge for the world championship. Hamilton is earning about $76m a season with Mercedes , and Ferrari chief executive Louis Camilleri has admitted discussions have already taken place over a future deal.

by | December 14, 2019 | 01:43

A minority criticized the measures enacted under predecessor Mario Draghi on September 12. Although private stablecoins, like Facebook's Libra stablecoin , have faced harsh criticism and rebuke from the ECB , it appears that the bank is finally coming to terms with the concept of central bank-backed cryptocurrencies.

by | December 13, 2019 | 21:57

Washington has set its terms for the first part of the so-called "phased deal", offering to suspend some tariffs on Chinese goods and cut others in exchange for Beijing buying more American farm goods, US sources have said . That led the Trump administration to ramp up its trade war with China , putting a drag on the world economy. In exchange, China is expected to agree to boost its purchases of U.S.

by | December 13, 2019 | 19:09

Bernstein's remark states that the Saudi Arabian oil company (Aramco) should trade at a discount and not a premium for worldwide large oil companies, with corporate governance being a "key risk to investors " because Saudi Arabia will own more than 98% of the company.

by | December 13, 2019 | 18:37

One of the great pieces of 20th century Australiana is being put to rest for good next year, with Holden announcing that the legendary Commodore will have its last ride next year before being retired for good after a solid 42 years tearing up Australian roads.

by | December 13, 2019 | 13:57

The huge gains of the British currency came shortly after the results of the exit poll were released by Britain's main television organizations as soon as thousands of polling stations across Britain closed at 10 p.m. Tensions between the United States and China appeared to deescalate after sources from Washington said the country had set out its terms for a trade deal.