by | May 13, 2019 | 10:49

US President Donald Trump issued orders for the tariff increase, saying China "broke the deal" by reneging on previous commitments. Still, prices were pressured by the trade war between the world's two largest economies. -Chinese trade row, although persistent supply worries prevented a steeper price fall. Brent crude gained 36 cents to $70.26 a barrel. West Texas Intermediate crude for June delivery fell $0.11 to $61.59/bbl on the New York Mercantile Exchange , after gaining as much as ...

by | May 13, 2019 | 09:59

EDT (0401 GMT) Friday. China has vowed to retaliate if the USA follows through with plans to hike the tariff at 12:01 A.M. Friday morning. On the eve of the latest round of U.S. "At least part of the story is that economic and market strength has reduced both sides incentives' to compromise", Bank of America Merrill Lynch wrote in a research note this week.

by | May 12, 2019 | 03:37

Still, when Tesla opened reservations for the Model 3, more than 115,000 orders were made within the first 24 hours for a deposit of US$1,000. The new ID.3 hatchback - which VW hopes will be the electric-car successor to the iconic Beetle - will start at less than 30 000 euros, roughly the same level as the diesel variant of its best-selling Golf hatchback.

by | May 12, 2019 | 03:29

The findings prompted four United States senators to ask the Federal Trade Commission to investigate whether Amazon is violating the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ( COPPA ). It did not respond to questions about why the Echo Dot Kids product can fail to delete a child's data, as the advocacy groups have charged. Investigators examined the privacy policies of over 2,000 "skills" and found 85 per cent of them didn't have any.

by | May 11, 2019 | 14:43

Part City has not yet released a list of the stores that will be affected. The Party City CEO also announced that the company found a new source of helium that should help maintain its sales amid the global shortage. Party City may not be the only party retailer hit by the helium shortage. The company slight increases in total revenue and sales in the first quarter.

by | May 11, 2019 | 13:27

The US president did not rule out that he might reverse the 15 percent hike, depending on the outcome of the future negotiations. A White House official, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to speak publicly on the matter, confirmed that the talks had concluded for the day but could not say when they would resume.

by | May 11, 2019 | 06:30

The fall in shares undermined Uber's strategy of pricing its oversubscribed IPO conservatively at $45 a share to avoid a repeat of rival Lyft Inc's stock market struggles following a strong debut in March. The jitters about an intensifying US trade war with China also have roiled the stock market this week. Khosrowshahi was accompanied by a team of Uber officials at the NYSE to celebrate.

by | May 10, 2019 | 20:14

That new test track will be used specifically to test autonomous vehicle technology, as well as to expand the capabilities of GM's new Canadian Technical Centre, headquartered in nearby Markham. As for the 2,500 Oshawa employees, GM has agreed to a number of compromises. A "Jobs Action Centre" will open in June. Indeed, under the new plan for Oshawa, almost 2,700 jobs will still be eliminated.

by | May 10, 2019 | 16:25

Facebook Inc co-founder and Mark Zuckerberg's former college roommate Chris Hughes urged USA regulators to break up the social media company in a New York Times opinion piece on Thursday. Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren in March vowed to disband Facebook, Amazon .com Inc, and Alphabet Inc's Google , if elected United States president, to promote competition in the tech sector.

by | May 10, 2019 | 13:43

Trump has accused China of reneging on commitments it had made so far in the talks. In retaliation for that alleged backsliding, the United States is poised to dramatically escalate the trade war between the world's two biggest economies at 12:01 a.m.

by | May 09, 2019 | 18:41

The word " responsibility " is incorrectly spelled on about $1.6 billion worth of currency. Just look at this Australian who found a typo in the minuscule text printed on the nation's brand new and improved AU$50 note. Australia's Triple M radio magnified the relevant part of the note and highlighted the spelling mistake. The "new and improved" notes, which have the spelling mistakes, are created to prevent counterfeiting and have the tactile feature of four raised bumps for people with ...

by | May 09, 2019 | 15:23

The move has the potential to bring significant production and electric vehicle assembly jobs to the plant. "The General Motors workers are being asked to leave and go to other facilities". "That would be one of the goals of the company as they grow their business - to get a contract with the post office", DeWine said. Hourly employees from GM plants may request a transfer to other UAW-represented sites as jobs are created.

by | May 08, 2019 | 21:27

The e-commerce giant brought back the old-fashioned checkout method when it opened its high-tech Amazon Go store in New York City - its 12th Go store in the nation and the first one in New York - on Tuesday. Ride sharing services, food trucks, online business, and pop-up stores would all be exempt. Before shopping at Amazon Go, customers need to download an Amazon Go app and log in with their Amazon account and payment information (you don't need to be a Prime member).

by | May 08, 2019 | 18:27

The move allows Tencent to monetize the game, an approval through the regulatory agency that was approved in April. PubG was developed in South Korea but Tencent had licensed the game and was testing a mobile app version in China. The company's Hong Kong shares jumped 1.3% after the new game was announced and analysts expect it to become a major earner for the company's embattled game sector.

by | May 08, 2019 | 15:30

The processed-foods giant conducted an internal investigation of its procurement function after receiving a subpoena from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in October 2018 related to agreements with its suppliers. The company said it is cooperating with the probe, which also sought documents on procurement. Shares of the company gained as much as 1.1 percent in NY.

by | May 08, 2019 | 14:40

It was unclear how many drivers would take part in the work stoppage amid strike calls in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston and elsewhere. They're timing their protests in advance of Uber's initial public stock offering, which is planned for Friday.

by | May 08, 2019 | 12:57

However, the exchange said it would replace the lost cash with the help of its emergency insurance fund. "The hackers had the patience to wait, and execute well-orchestrated actions through multiple seemingly independent accounts at the most opportune time", CZ said in a message posted online.

by | May 08, 2019 | 07:44

Logan officials additionally plugged the Back Bay express bus , which recently lowered the price of a single trip from $7.50 to $3. The protest follows more than 100 submissions that have been made to the Victorian government's On-Demand Workforce inquiry into industries such as food delivery and ride sharing.

by | May 08, 2019 | 05:10

U.S. President Donald Trump meets with China's Vice Premier Liu He in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington , U.S., April 4, 2019. "With the 2020 US presidential election season beginning to spin in the media, an impatient USA president is turning to bullying to try to push trade talks to a conclusion", said Carl Weinberg, chief worldwide economist with High Frequency Economics, in a research note.

by | May 07, 2019 | 18:41

The agency says the country code originates in Mauritania, a country in West Africa. The FCC has gotten reports that many of these scam calls are targeting numbers in New York State and Arizona. It's late at night and the phone rings just once. "Advances in technology allow massive amounts of calls to be made cheaply and easily", the FCC said.

by | May 07, 2019 | 16:27

It all started when Chance the Rapper took to Twitter Saturday morning to spread a message of good vibes. The restaurant chain is bringing them back . Wendy's saw the tweet and replied , "It won't be today, but there's always a chance". That took like a day and a half! I swear @chancetherapper was reading my mind because I talk about wanting spicy nuggets everyday lol everyone please like and retweet so we can have our nuggets back!' one Twitter user wrote.

by | May 07, 2019 | 10:50

President Hassan Rouhani planned to announce that Iran would reduce some of its "minor and general" commitments under the deal on Wednesday, exactly a year after Trump announced the United States pullout, said a source close to a commission that oversees the nuke deal.

by | May 07, 2019 | 07:10

The unexpected ultimatum shook up financial markets, which had expected the world's two biggest economies to resolve a yearlong standoff over trade, perhaps by the end of the week. Prior to the announcement from Trump, markets and investors were hoping that a deal was fast approaching. Optimism that China and the U.S. would reach a deal on trade helped make Shanghai equities the hottest in the world this year, although lackluster corporate earnings and concern Beijing is easing back on ...

by | May 06, 2019 | 23:47

It's possible that Mr. Trump was considering total exports from China past year, which reached $539 billion. Trade war fears have returned to Wall Street, wiping out a chunk of the stock market's recent surge. "Although Trump's strategy is risky, because the Chinese could refuse to negotiate at gunpoint and decide to walk out on the trade talks, both sides have invested too much political capital in the negotiations to let this happen", said Raoul Leering, head of global trade analysis ...