Local veterans respond to removal of United States troops from Afghanistan

Local veterans respond to removal of United States troops from Afghanistan

It's never proved effective, not when we had 98,000 troops in Afghanistan and not when we're down to a few thousand.

US President Joe Biden has said diplomatic and humanitarian efforts would continue in Afghanistan, but asserted that it is time to end "America's longest war".

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani tweeted his support after a phone call with the USA president, adding that: "Afghanistan's proud security and defense forces are fully capable of defending its people and country".

A Taliban resurgence would also jeopordize hard-won gains made for Afghan women since the group was ousted from power in 2001.

"We were able to accomplish remarkable things in Afghanistan".

All the USA and Utah citizens who died there, did not die in vain, Stewart said.

Under the US-Taliban pact signed in Doha, Qatar, the US agreed to withdraw all its soldiers from Afghanistan in 14 months.

A Brookings scholar, Reed said as per the assessment in 2018, Pakistan provided direct military and intelligence aid resulting in the deaths of U.S. soldiers, Afghan security personnel and civilians, plus significant destabilisation of Afghanistan.

"Sadly, that cake was not fully baked. Foreign troops stationed in Afghanistan should withdraw in a responsible and orderly manner to ensure a smooth transition in Afghanistan and to avoid terrorist forces from taking advantage of chaos", Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told a media briefing here while responding to questions on U.S. troops pullout plan.

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Rep. Elissa Slotkin, a Michigan Democrat, and former Pentagon official, has questions of her own. But given the Taliban's longstanding ties to Al Qaeda, Afghanistan will also once again become a country where transnational terrorist organizations can organize as they plot to strike the West.

But President Biden did not say that the United States will stop bombing Afghanistan.

"This does not mean the end of relations and cooperation between the two countries". Will the U.S. Embassy in Kabul have any counter-terror officials to gather intelligence or work with Afghans?

As the annual threat assessment released this week by the USA intelligence community lays out, Al Qaeda remains among "the greatest Sunni terrorist threats" and continues to "seek to conduct attacks inside the United States". The Taliban continues its violence. USA officials in the Afghan city of Jalalabad told NPR two years ago that the Taliban continue to work with al-Qaida in eastern Afghanistan, while both US and Afghan airstrikes have targeted al-Qaida militants in southeastern Helmand Province. President Biden pledged that the USA will not take an eye off the terrorist threat.

"It's gonna hit the fan for the citizens of Afghanistan", Smith said. "I'm really afraid that we're going to look back two years from now and regret the decision and just wonder if whether we might not have sought to manage it with a modest, sustainable, sustained commitment that could have ensured that al-Qaida and the Islamic State would not re-establish sanctuaries". Critics have said the move would strengthen threats from various terror groups in the country.

"We will not have the intelligence we need or the ability to act in a timely fashion on intelligence we do get to conduct periodic and very limited strikes on individual targets", Kagan said.

After Biden's announcement, the Taliban said it would not attend any conference on Afghanistan's future while foreign troops are still in the country.

"The reason that they have low to moderate confidence in this judgment is in part because it relies on detainee reporting, and due to the challenging environment and also due to the challenging operating environment in Afghanistan", Psaki said. There was consensus in the region, he added, that there should be a united, democratic and sovereign Afghanistan.

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