Australia and New Zealand to start quarantine-free travel

Australia and New Zealand to start quarantine-free travel

After a long wait, worldwide travel is finally back on the cards - New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern today announced the start date for the two-way travel bubble between NZ and Australia, allowing travellers to flit back and forth between the two countries without needing to quarantine.

However, the average expenditure of an worldwide Australian tourist was US$3,274 in the same year, showing how much value has been lost for New Zealand's tourism sector since the closing of its borders.

"The Director-General of Health considers the risk of transmission of COVID-19 from Australia to New Zealand is low and that quarantine free travel is safe to commence", Ardern said.

"I can not see or point to any countries in the world that are maintaining a strategy of keeping their countries Covid-free whilst opening up worldwide travel between each other", she said.

"That is, safely opening up worldwide travel to another country while continuing to pursue a strategy of elimination and a commitment to keeping the virus out", she told reporters.

How Will The Travel Bubble work?

According to GlobalData, this means that approximately 57% of worldwide VFR visits to New Zealand in 2019 would have come from Australians. The planes will also be flown by crew members who have not flown on any high-risk routes for a set period of time.

Travelers will not be allowed to move between the two countries if they had a positive Covid-19 test in the previous 14 days or present with flu-like symptoms. This will include vigilant contact tracing, and "green zones" separating travellers from Australia and New Zealand, and travellers from other destinations not within the bubble.

Australia and New Zealand to start quarantine-free travel

Morrison is expected to travel soon to New Zealand to meet with Ardern. And, if there are multiple cases of unknown origin in a state, NZ will likely suspend flights for a set period of time.

New Zealand's Prime Minister has been lauded for her efforts towards controlling the spread of the virus, which seems to have paid off. 2,200 confirmed cases, with 26 deaths. This will include three daily flights between Auckland and Melbourne, as well as seven flights per week between Auckland and Perth. "It's been a long time coming", Foran said "There is plenty of demand, plenty of places to go, it's terrific".

"The New Zealand Government's decision to establish quarantine-free travel between Australia and New Zealand is a step in the right direction and provides a boost of confidence for travellers looking to reunite with family and friends and do business across the Tasman", a Virgin Australia spokesperson said.

Australia and New Zealand travel bubble will open April 19th.

It is still quite hard for travelers outside the two countries to get into the land down under.

Air New Zealand will also reintroduce direct services between Auckland and Perth, between Wellington, Christchurch and Sydney, and between Queenstown and Sydney.

Qantas plans to resume global flights in October, which is the expected timeframe for Australia's COVID-19 vaccine rollout to be effectively completed. The decision to travel is ultimately your responsibility.

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