Former Crown Prince Hamzah of Jordan under house arrest

Former Crown Prince Hamzah of Jordan under house arrest

Since the news broke Saturday, #Prince_Hamzeh has trended on Twitter, along with messages of solidarity with the prince from followers in Jordan and overseas.

In Jordan, that news of the alleged coup has gone public by way of brief statements and virtual silence from the local press has several political observers to speculate that the coup may be a cover story for another political maneuver, said Jordanian political analyst Amer Sabaileh.

"But at the end, the security and stability of Jordan are above all consideration and all the necessary legal procedures will be taken to protect them", Safadi said.

"The U.S. administration knows that Bassam Awadullah works for MBS (Mohammed bin Salman)".

Awadallah, who was a driving force behind economic reforms before he resigned as chief of the royal court in 2008, has long faced stiff resistance from an old guard and an entrenched bureaucracy that flourished for years on government perks.

These included a foreign intelligence agency contacting Prince Hamza's wife to organize a plane for the couple to leave Jordan, he said.

Security forces also arrested the top official and member of the royal family Sharif Hassan Ben Zaid. Kamhawi and other observers say they believe that Abdullah's tolerance of overtures by Hamzah and his associates to dissident tribesmen and opposition figures had worn thin, so the king made a decision to act, signaling, "Be careful; there should be a limit to what you do".

Vowing transparency, he said Jordan will unveil more details, including names, after the investigation.

The Ministry of Presidential Affairs stressed the UAE's full support for all decisions and measures taken by King Abdullah and his crown prince to maintain Jordan's security and stability and "to defuse any attempt to impact them". "This file is now more or less closed".

The state news agency said Bassem Awadallah, a USA -educated long-time confidant of the king who later became minister of finance and also adviser to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and Sharif Hassan Ben Zaid, a member of the royal family, were detained along with other unnamed figures.

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The United States, the United Kingdom and Gulf allies rallied behind the king, highlighting Jordan's strategic importance in the region.

Neighbouring Saudi Arabia reacted swiftly to the developments in Amman.

"The country has really suffered under the COVID-19 pandemic economically".

A Jordanian analyst who did not want to be named for security reasons said that Hamzah had recently "stepped up his criticism of what he described as corruption within the government in front of his circle of friends".

Opposition figures have rallied around him, a move that has been viewed with displeasure by the king, officials familiar with the situation said.

Apparently, the move comes after the prince visited tribal leaders where he is said to have garnered some support.

Amman-based journalist Rana Sweis told DW that Prince Hamzah's video appeal was "unprecedented". Jordan also has strong ties with the USA, supporting it during the Iraq War as well as its efforts against the Islamic State.

"It is really a rare kind of tension that we have not really seen before at the forefront", she added.

He also said that the head of the Jordanian Joint Chiefs of Staff, who arrived at his house, reportedly told the prince that he himself was not accused of criticizing the authorities, but was given a "warning". Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, all Sunni-majority countries, have for years aligned together against Shia Iran.

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