Rep. Matt Gaetz facing sex trafficking probe

Rep. Matt Gaetz facing sex trafficking probe

"But, by yesterday afternoon the headlines were updated with allegations that he had a sexual relationship with an underage girl, and that he's being investigated by the Justice Department over whether he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old and paid for her to travel with him across state lines - a potential violation of federal sex trafficking laws". The sources said investigators are looking into whether the conservative firebrand violated sex trafficking laws. Sources told the Times that the Justice Department investigation was opened during the final months of the Trump administration.

Carlson quickly denied any recollection of the dinner with Gaetz: "I don't remember the woman you are speaking of or the context at all, honestly". "She was told that if she wouldn't cop to the fact that, somehow, I was involved in some pay-for-play scheme, that she could face trouble". Tucker Carlson, Fox's highest-rated primetime host, is reportedly fuming at Gaetz over the congressman's attempt to rope him into the controversy during an interview on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" that Carlson characterized immediately after as "one of the weirdest" he's conducted.

On Tuesday evening, the lawmaker appeared on "Tucker Carlson Tonight", slamming the Times report as an attempt to thwart a separate investigation into his extortion claims.

He told Axios, "I have definitely, in my single days, provided for women I've dated".

Gaetz accused McGee live on Carlson's show of trying to extort millions of dollars out of him and his family in exchange for "making disgusting sex trafficking allegations against me go away".

Later, unprompted, Gaetz makes mentions of allegations of pictures showing him with child prostitutes.

Aside from current calls for Gaetz to be relieved of his House Judiciary duties during the investigation, the Times also notes that Gaetz "has recently mused with confidants about quitting elected politics and taking a full-time job with the conservative television channel Newsmax or another network, according to a person familiar with the conversations". "Which as you saw, he did", Carlson said with a smirk, adding that he didn't think Gaetz's appearance "clarified much" but that the still-unfolding story is "deeply interesting".

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Gaetz told Fox News' Tucker Carlson that his family had notified the FBI about the alleged extortion, naming McGee as being behind it. Gaetz said his father had worn a wire during a meeting as part of an investigation of the extortion claim, and that he believes the Times story had been leaked in order to thwart that investigation.

Gaetz, a Republican representing Florida's 1st District, said in a series of tweets that the investigation is part of "an organized criminal extortion" involving a former Department of Justice official seeking $25 million and said he has been cooperating with federal authorities. "You were accused of something you did not do so you know what this feels like".

Gaetz has not been charged with a crime. I've been, you know, generous as a partner.

Newsmax didn't immediately return a Salon request for comment, but the prospects of a gig for Gaetz there don't sound likely either.

"I don't think a lot of people are going to go out of their way to defend him, especially with this outlandish-sounding defense", said one GOP staffer.

"Providing for flights and hotel rooms for people that you're dating who are of legal age is not a crime", he told Carlson.

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