Canada’s Most Populous Province to Return to COVID-19 Lockdown

Canada’s Most Populous Province to Return to COVID-19 Lockdown

The province also went step further and allowed for indoor dining in some areas, which was considered a fairly risky venture given how the COVID-19 variants of concern are more transmissible indoors. "And we can not vaccinate quickly enough to break this third wave, this is the challenge of the new variants", Dr. Adalsteinn (Steini) Brown, co-chair of the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table, said Thursday morning.

The Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table, which advises the government on the coronavirus, said the province is at a crucial point, with new cases reaching the same number they did at the height of the second wave.

Ontario hospitals are under strain, Brown said, with some entire families ending up in intensive care.

"We'll make the tough decision but it's the right decision".

A group of more than 150 critical care doctors wrote a letter to the Ontario government on Thursday, asking for immediate measure to curb the spread of the disease and prevent more deaths.

Ford earlier this week said he wouldn't hesitate to apply the emergency brake across the province, citing soaring case numbers.

Emmanuel Macron expected to announce strict new lockdown measures in televised address
Macron defended his decision not to lock the country down then, saying people had benefitted from "precious weeks of liberty". A situation made worse by a Covid-19 variant, P1, that is both more contagious and potentially more lethal too.

Canada's most populous province is expected to return to lockdown after a sharp rise in Covid-19 infections, local media reported yesterday.

We've only gotten as far as progressing into grey once again since we emerged from the shutdown on March 8, though new permissions pertaining to "non-essential" retail stores and patios have been added in recent weeks.

Brown said vaccination efforts need to be reorganized to target more of these workers faster to help decrease transmission across the province. Since January 15, people ages 39 and under have made up 50.9% of all cases.

Where are the COVID-19 cases in Ontario?

"We know that if schools stay open we will see more infection, but we also know that the impact on children of these interruptions in schooling is really hard and damaging".

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