Article image COVID-19 pandemic 'completely out-of-control' in Ontario

Article image COVID-19 pandemic 'completely out-of-control' in Ontario

Ontario reported 2,333 new cases of COVID-19 Wednesday and 15 more deaths linked to the virus.

By comparison, the provincial government said Monday that 77 percent of Ontarians 80 and older had gotten their first dose.

In an analysis from Ontario's COVID-19 science advisory table published on Monday night, it was learned that hospitalizations were now 20 percent higher than they were at the start of the last province-wide lockdown.

More than 9,000 of them were infected with a variant of concern, and the study found those patients were 62 per cent more likely to be hospitalized, 114 per cent more likely to end up in an intensive care unit and 40 per cent more likely to die from the virus.

Hospital officials expect the number of COVID-19 patients in the ICU to continue to rise to today's record as new cases are increasing daily in recent days. Ontario's COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Schedule, a panel of experts advising the government on its epidemiology, now accounts for 69 percent of variants in new epidemics.

The premier told reporters on Tuesday his decisions have been based on the advice from local health experts and Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams. An increase of 65 VOC cases pushed the total to 1,959, and more than 90 per cent (1,800) of those cases are of the United Kingdom variant.

Meanwhile, vaccine supply shortage forced a public health unit in a COVID-19 hot spot to close three vaccination clinics. I'm also concerned about seeing the age group, the younger people now in the ICU's.

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"It makes sense for us if we have the clinics, appointments, professionals, vaccines", Tory said.

The federal delivery system provided 466,830 doses each of Pfizer on March 22 and 29, the province said.

To date, Ontario has received 2,820,495 doses of vaccines from the federal government and delivered 2,192,253 or 77.8 percent of the drugs.

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