Myanmar military extends martial law after bloodiest day since coup

Myanmar military extends martial law after bloodiest day since coup

The global community pleaded for restraint Monday after at least 11 more anti-coup protesters were killed in Myanmar, as demonstrators returned to the streets to demand restored democracy despite an increasingly bloody crackdown by the military junta.

At least two people have been shot dead during protests in Myanmar's largest city, as security forces continue with their violent crackdown against demonstrations.

"We had to flee. because they (security forces) threatened if we didn't leave the body they would shoot us", the worker said by telephone, asking not be identified. "I'm now hiding. One girl got shot in the head and a boy got shot in the face". But, according to Chun Ki-hong, a South Korean professor at Myanmar's Yangon University, Hlaingthaya Township, the area where attacks took place includes "many" South Korean factories, South Korea's TBS Radio reported.

The protesters took to the streets in defiance of the authorities, whose escalating use of violence resulted in dozens being killed on Sunday in the bloodiest day since the February 1 coup.

The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Myanmar issued a statement expressing "deep concern over the ongoing violence against Myanmar citizens engaging in peaceful protests, which is causing many casualties".

Sunday's arson attacks against 32 Chinese-invested factories in the Hlaingthaya area of Yangon prompted China's strongest comments yet on the turmoil in its neighbour, where many people see Beijing as supportive of the coup.

Violence by pro-democracy protesters against Chinese properties are mounting in Myanmar and security forces are opening indiscriminate fire to check the attacks.

Image: Anti-coup protesters surround an injured man in Hlaing Thar Yartownship in Yangon, Myanmar Sunday, March 14, 2021.

"Chinese government must stop supporting coup council if they actually care about Sino-Myanmar relations and to protect their businesses", she said on Twitter.

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According to a leaked record of the meeting cited by USA broadcaster Voice of America, Bai Tian said: "Criticism about the gas pipeline should not be allowed, as it is important for the socioeconomic development of Myanmar".

More than 80 have been killed, but the number is expected to increase dramatically after Sunday's violence - marking it as one of the deadliest days as Myanmar enters its seventh week under a junta regime.

As an announcer on local state-run TV news said, the junta "gives administrative and judicial martial law power to the Yangon regional commander to practice (in Hlaing Tharyar and Shwepyitha townships).to perform security, maintain the rule of law and tranquility more effectively". Several people were injured.

Since the takeover, Myanmar has been under a nationwide state of emergency, with military leaders in charge of all government.

Candlelight vigils were held across the country on Monday night to mourn the dead, with protesters flashing the three-finger salute as a sign of solidarity with the anti-coup movement.

Among the burned buildings were Chinese-owned factories, said the embassy in Myanmar, condemning the actions of the "destroyers" in a statement posted on their official Facebook.

Much of the country has been in uproar since the military ousted civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi last month, with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets to demand a return to democracy.

The army said it took power after its accusations of fraud in a 8 November election won by Ms Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD) were rejected by the electoral commission.

There were also reports of injuries from live rounds and rubber bullets in other parts of Yangon, including Insein district, where billows of black smoke could be seen after security forces reportedly set roadblocks on fire.

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