Transatlantic alliance is back, declares United States president

Transatlantic alliance is back, declares United States president

President Joe Biden used his first public encounter with America's European allies to describe a new struggle between the West and the forces of autocracy, declaring that "America is back" while acknowledging that the past four years had taken a toll on its power and influence.

He said it was imperative that the United States work with other leading global powers to curb Iran's "destabilizing" ambitions.

Johnson also claimed that Biden had "nicked" - British slang for stolen - his slogan "build back better", though Johnson said that he himself had probably stolen it from somewhere else.

One State Department official warned if the Biden team continues to roll back restrictions with only the hope of starting talks, Iran is "going to eat our lunch" in the negotiations. It has also rejected discussing other issues, such as its regional activities.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who recently praised a phone call he received from Biden, reiterated his government's longtime stance against the deal hasn't changed.

On Iran, Biden reiterated his pledge to return to global negotiations with Tehran over its nuclear program, but said "we must address Iran's destabilising activities across the Middle East".

"The United States is determined to re-engage with Europe", Biden said, referring to the worsened U.S. -Europe relations during the previous administration of President Donald Trump.

"We must demonstrate that democracy can still deliver for our people in this changed world", Biden said during a virtual session of the Munich Security Conference.

Friday's virtual meeting is the Democratic U.S. president's first event with other world leaders in the group that includes Britain, Japan, France, Germany, Italy and Canada.

The leader of the European Union's executive branch, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, noted at the conference that "a more and more assertive China" showed robust economic growth in 2020 despite the pandemic and "a more and more defiant Russian Federation continues to breach global rules at home and overseas".

Biden's statement came after Secretary of State Antony Blinken, along with his German, French and British counterparts said on Thursday that the US would be "prepared to engage in discussions".

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"We have to ensure that the benefits of growth are shared broadly and equitably, not just by a few".

"The Kremlin attacks our democracies and weaponises corruption to try and undermine our system of governance", he said.

US President Joe Biden on Friday drew a sharp contrast with the foreign policy of his predecessor, Donald Trump, pledging to end transactional diplomacy and vowing climate change. "We will all suffer consequences".

"We share democratic values and alarm over expanding repression, such as in Xinjiang".

ONE, a global organisation co-founded by U2 singer Bono, said the G7 members plus Australia had collectively bought almost 1.25 billion more doses than they needed to inoculate every member of their populations against COVID-19.

Biden has said he would be willing to lift new sanctions imposed by former Trump if Iran returned to compliance with the deal. That determination had been vigorously disputed by almost all other United Nations members and had left the U.S. isolated at the world body.

"The United States is really excited to be making our first contribution to Covax", the White House official said.

In addition to Biden's offer to return to the bargaining table, his administration's appeal to Iran included the reversal of two symbolic actions taken by Trump. The next in-person summit meeting is still planned for Britain this summer, pandemic permitting.

Beijing is not part of the G7 - which comprises Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the USA - and Washington is repositioning rich democracies as a counterweight amid mistrust of China's initial handling of COVID-19.

Iran informed the International Atomic Energy Agency this week that it would suspend voluntary implementation next week of a provision in the 2015 deal that allowed United Nations nuclear monitors to conduct inspections of undeclared sites in Iran at short notice unless the US rolled back sanctions by February 23. The Trump administration had announced its withdrawal from the Paris accord in 2019, but it did not become effective until November 4 2020, the day after the election, because of provisions in the agreement.

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