Biden to announce billions in aid for global vaccine effort at G7

Biden to announce billions in aid for global vaccine effort at G7

"President Biden will focus on a global response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including coordination on vaccine production, distribution, and supplies, as well as continued efforts to mobilize and cooperate against the threat of emerging infectious diseases by building country capacity and establishing health security financing", she said.

"It's an unprecedented acceleration of global inequality and it's politically unsustainable too because it's paving the way for a war of influence over vaccines", he told the Financial Times, as Russian Federation and China step up free or low-priced distribution of their own jabs.

Africa CDC director Dr John Nkengasong told a virtual conference that, "For now our strategy is not to throw away our 100 million doses but rather target countries that ... have not reported cases of the specific variant (to which the vaccine is relatively ineffective)". Of those, at least 1.8 billion doses will go to 92 poor- and middle-income countries participating in the scheme, covering around 20 percent of their populations. "It calls for an increase in contributions to the COVAX facility and to share doses with COVAX, in parallel with their own national vaccine rollout, increasing supply of vaccines and ensuring equitable access", said World Health Organization director general Dr Tedros Adhanom.

Although the United States is "prioritising" domestic needs, assistance to other countries "decreases the risk to everyone in the world, including Americans, and also decreases the risk of variants", the official said.

Johnson wants the World Health Organization and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, or CEPI, to find ways to speed up vaccine development as well as treatments and tests for common pathogens. It has promised the full 300 million doses by the end of July.

That is likely to mean the USA will have ample surplus doses that could be donated to poorer nations.

A woman and her child wearing masks to protect from the coronavirus look at a giant globe
There are calls for an allocation of national vaccine supplies to be given to developing countries

There are also growing calls for the Biden administration to distribute some US-manufactured vaccine supplies overseas.

The minister said exact timelines would be made public in due course, as considerations such as global demand and supply economics had to be factored in.

Why it matters: Senior administration officials told reporters Thursday evening that they'll use those commitments to "call on G7 partners Friday both to make good on the pledges that are already out there" and to make further investments in global vaccine manufacturing and distribution.

Johnson will say that the United Kingdom will share any surplus vaccines and vow to cut the time it takes to develop a vaccine from the unprecedented 300 days achieved past year to 100 days.

President Biden will announce on Friday his plan for the United States to contribute $4 billion to the global fight against COVID-19, stepping into an worldwide leadership role that his predecessor had abandoned during the pandemic.

Other wealthy nations have also begun reserving large orders of vaccines, leaving poorer nations to rely on the COVAX initiative for their populations - or on countries such as China, India and Russian Federation, who have begun directly donating their state-produced vaccines to other nations. The "majority" of any future United Kingdom surplus coronavirus vaccines will be shared with the World Health Organization-backed Covax program, Johnson's office said late Thursday in a statement. "But we are - we watch those actions with concern".

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