NZ PM speaks bluntly to Australia over fate of dual national

NZ PM speaks bluntly to Australia over fate of dual national

All New Zealand schools will have free access to sanitary products from June, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Thursday, an initiative aimed at stamping out period poverty in the country.

The woman was a dual citizen of both Australia and New Zealand, but Australia has stripped away her citizenship under anti-terrorism laws.

Mr Morrison then revoked Ms Aden's citizenship without telling Ms Ardern, leaving New Zealand to deal with the dilemma alone.

In 2014, she departed Australia to live in Syria under Islamic State, which saw Australia wash its hands of her.

"Three New Zealand nationals trying to enter our country illegally from Syria were caught by our border guards in Hatay's Reyhanlı district", Turkey's Ministry of Defense tweeted, adding that among those caught was a woman named S.A. who is a wanted alleged IS terrorist.

Ms Ardern accused Australia of "exporting its problems" to New Zealand and said "if the shoe were on the other foot we would take responsibility".

Ardern also urged Australia to consider the welfare of the woman's children. That's just not the right thing to do. "I think all Australians would agree with that".

But Morrison said he was simply doing his job by protecting Australia's interests.

On Tuesday night, the pair held an emergency phone call which Ms Ardern's spokesman described as "constructive".

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Ms Ardern said she raised the issue with Mr Morrison a year ago, but that New Zealand's concerns had been brushed aside.

"We are working through those issues in the spirit of our relationship".

Her pregnancy and maternity leave while in office in 2018 was hailed as symbolising progress for women leaders.

Speaking to reporters later in the day, Ardern said research had shown one in 12 young people were missing school due to this issue.

As a normal part of the justice process, as would be the case for any other crime, the woman in this case should go through a rehabilitation and deradicalisation process to ensure that she is able to be a good parent to her children.

Ms Ardern posted a selfie on Thursday of her holding the bunny - which has been given the nickname "wink" - three weeks to the day it became lost at the airport.

"It's a hard question when people label someone a terrorist because they lived under an organisation described as a terrorist organisation", he said.

Last year, families from Australia and four other countries, including Belgium, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom, began working together to repatriate their relatives from northern Syria.

In 2019, Shamima Begum - the schoolgirl who fled London to join the Islamic State - was stripped of her United Kingdom citizenship.

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