UK COVID-19 strain submits to worrying mutation

UK COVID-19 strain submits to worrying mutation

"We have also seen 11 cases of mutations of concern in Bristol and 32 in Liverpool, and are taking the same approach", he continued.

"Face. Space" help to monitor and suppress the spread of the virus, while enabling a better understanding of the new variant", the Department of Health and Social Care said in a statement.

"Additional surge testing and sequencing are being deployed in a number of locations where the COVID-19 variant first identified in South Africa has been found".

Scientists have found that the Kent variant of Covid-19, which has been spreading around the United Kingdom, appears to be undergoing some worrying new genetic changes.

This potentially more concerning variant, which has been spotted since December 22 a year ago and spread to almost 40 countries including the United States, emerged independently of B.1.1.7 or the UK variant and shares some mutations with the same.

In line with this, immediate testing for the variant in South Africa already started in all parts of England and could be rolled out in other sites seeing variants that have the same E484 mutation.

Coronavirus 'mutations of concern' found in Bristol and Liverpool

Postcodes affected are London, West Midlands, East of England, South East, North West of England.

Dr. Tang also said, enabling spread of the virus could also enable a "melting pot" for various different variants that emerge.

This South African variant has become a major cause of worry for the scientists because of its unusually large number of mutations, especially in the spike protein, which the virus uses to gain entry into the cells within the human body. All kinds of viruses mutate as they replicate themselves to transmit and flourish. Researchers believe the mutation could help the virus escape the antibodies produced by the body after a previous infection or after receiving a vaccine shot.

Early laboratory test results of Moderna's coronavirus vaccine showed that it works against the new and more infectious variants found in Britain and South Africa.

Two new Covid-19 vaccines that could be approved soon - one from Novavax and another from Janssen - appear to offer some protection too, the report said. There is still no confirmation that the "Eeek" variant is more transferable as virologists continue to test the new strain.

The announcement was made five days after the Public Health Agency requested tighter arrival controls to minimize the spread of mutated virus strains.

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