Yakuza Spinoff Judgment Launching on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PC in April

Yakuza Spinoff Judgment Launching on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PC in April

The game follows detective Takayuki Yagami as he investigates a unusual murder mystery case involving a series of eyeless corpses.

SEGA has confirmed that Judgment, the Yakuza spinoff will be coming to PS5, Xbox Series X and Google Stadia on April 23rd. Judgment will feature improved visuals and an upgrade to 60 FPS, along with faster load times, and includes all previously released DLC.

For those new to the world of Judgment or have only played the Yakuza games, it's a very different story to the tales of Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima.

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Sega has told IGN that cross-buy will not be supported for PS4 and PS5. With the assistance of his ex-partner and ex-yakuza Masaharu Kaito, Yagami should work his method by means of the town of Kamurocho and its seedy underbelly in the hunt for solutions.

For those who've already bought the game on PlayStation 4 (including yours truly), I'm afraid there's some bittersweet news. The game is priced at $39.99 (approximately Rs. 2,918). You can expect more street fighting, side missions, and minigames with Judgment, but there's also an investigative element thrown into the mix too.

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