Silver traders ask who wrote Reddit posts to spark a run-up

Silver traders ask who wrote Reddit posts to spark a run-up

The euro weakened after Germany reported that retail sales plunged by an unexpected 9.6 per cent in December after tighter lockdowns previous year to curb the spread of Covid-19 choked consumer spending in Europe's largest economy. But the stock price, as it has been for more than a week, is tremendously volatile. The Detroit resident has a decent-paying day job and invests responsibly in mutual funds via his 401 (k). The thought of earning potentially thousands of dollars on a single stock was appealing. The company, which faced anger last week for curbing the purchase of some stocks, raised trading limits on GameStop, AMC, Koss Corp and Express Inc. The Nasdaq composite climbed 332.70 points, or 2.6%, to 13,403.39.

Investors who have been short shares of GameStop cut their year-to-date losses on Monday with a mark-to-market gain of $2.71 billion after the stock tumbled, according to analytics firm S3 Partners.

Ryan was pleased as his investment grew throughout January, and then shocked as worldwide attention over the past few weeks sent it sky-rocketing.

Tuesday's drop came despite a loosening of restrictions on the amount of shares investors can buy using Robinhood Markets.

Others suggested WallStreetBets' movement is being co-opted by hedge funds and there is no coordinated effort in the silver market.

Brown explained: "Its share price was arguably artificially supressed owing to the pandemic hitting all retailers as well as some large open short position (s) by hedge fund (s)".

"The sound of more stimulus, which tends to raise all boats, was music to the market's ears", said Stephen Innes of Axi in a report.

New COVID Cases, No New Deaths
Henry addressed the rising number of COVID-19 variant cases that have appeared across the province, including on Vancouver Island. At her virus briefing on Monday, Dr.

It has also attracted bullish commentary from some of the biggest Wall Street banks. It could mean more losses in the wider market this week if funds have to keep selling to meet redemptions or right their portfolios. The media, politicians, and many celebrities have applauded the "David and Goliath" story.

Some are doing it to stick it to the big investors, and their efforts paid off last week when their investments in GameStop, a United States bricks-and-mortar video retailer that's been struggling to compete with the shift to online shopping during the pandemic, saw a massive rise in its value.

"World precious metals markets have developed over millennia which makes this market more robust in our view than a small cap company with deteriorating prospects".

Investors bid up stocks heading into 2021 in expectation the rollout of coronavirus vaccines would allow global business and travel to return to normal. Still, non-professional investors without a lot of money to spare could lose out if they buy now. Something has changed this week, and there is no way to tell if a dedicated group of retail investors, with some help from savvy institutional traders, can continue to drive GME higher at least in the short run.

But the rally in the company's stock invites important questions: What is this company actually worth - and does that even matter if enough investors are willing to pay more?

"That's the game you play when you do this thing".

"I'm confident in my ability to pull out when I need to", he says.

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