Ford and Google partnering with aim to create better connected vehicles

Ford and Google partnering with aim to create better connected vehicles

With Ford going all-in on Google-powered cloud options for its direct in-car services, QNX may be on the shortlist of redundant overlapping services for Ford.

Speaking of data, Google Cloud has been named Ford's preferred software cloud provider, which will allow the carmaker to use existing data analytics and artificial-intelligence functions to enhance its product development and manufacturing operations. Only Fords sold in China won't feature any of this, because Google's services are banned there. The specifics of the deal are vague at this point, but the Google partnership is part of an $11 billion restructuring plan Ford has laid out for the future of the company and isn't exclusive. "There's lots of very simple but transformative experiences that you can offer drivers: for example, assisting them when they need to schedule a service appointment with the dealer or helping them shop for cars better by personalizing the shopping experiences". "It can also go into the analytic system in the cloud and provide capabilities - for example, around helping the consumer detect when to bring their vehicle in for service warranties".

"This is a first-of-a-kind in terms of an across-Alphabet partnership", Kurian said in an interview.

Ford comes to the partnership with a new CEO, Jim Farley, determined to modernize the 117-year-old automaker in the midst of upheaval in the auto industry - with stricter emissions standards and the rise of electric and autonomous vehicles.

The increasing role of technology in cars also is becoming a source of friction between vehicle makers and tech companies in the battle to capture the potential billions of dollars from ads and services that could flow through such systems. But, Ford's implementation will be different, McClelland said. "They helped us with Sync".

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For many years, carmakers kept companies like Google and Microsoft at arm's length, even while they were ostensibly working with them, because they were concerned about ceding too much control.

For McClelland, the move to Google was compelling because the internet company is offering a partnership, rather than a transactional relationship.

"We are obsessed with creating must-have, distinctively Ford products and services", said Ford CEO Jim Farley.

Apple CarPlay smartphone integration and Amazon's Alexa will continue to be offered with the new infotainment system, which will be opened to third-party app development. Beginning in 2023, Ford and Lincoln customers globally will start to benefit from unique digital experiences built on top of the Android operating system, and with Google apps and services built-in, which include world-class map and voice technology with Google Assistant, drivers can keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, by getting things done with just their voice.

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