Facebook will encourage users to accept tracking with this iOS 14 prompt

Facebook will encourage users to accept tracking with this iOS 14 prompt

It's their entire business model, so Apple users opting out of tracking is expected to significantly impact their profits.

After the reviews, Facebook has already launched a page Pop-up With some users, this will only happen when Apple's new privacy tool is mandatory for all types of applications, before officially launching.

In its fiercest opposition yet, Facebook said Monday it would send out its own prompt directly countering Apple's, telling users that collecting such data allows for more personalized ads and supports "small businesses that rely on ads to reach customers". Of course, users will have the choice to deny the request, or choose to accept it if they want Facebook to collect their data across apps and websites.

Apple announced last week that its App Tracking Transparency feature would be rolled out in the iOS 14.5 update.

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According to the report, Facebook will begin to show users a prompt explaining why users should allow tracking, making the argument that it will provide a more personalized advertising experience. In a 1 February update to a blog post first published last December, Facebook said it has made a decision to comply with Apple to "ensure stability for the businesses and people who use its services".

The Facebook spokesman added that Apple's prompt does not provide any context about the benefits of personalised advertising. That has caused a rift between the two tech giants, with Facebook saying it will hurt small businesses. The new notification will arrive in the form of a full screen prompt that would ask both Facebook and Instagram users to allow their apps and website to be used for personalized ads. If these businesses can not rely on advertising to make money, Facebook said they will be forced to turn to other ways to stay afloat, such as charging users for a subscription or in-app payments.

"If a company is founded on the ability to deceive users, on the exploitation of data, on non-choices, it does not deserve our praise". If you decline, you will still see ads, but they will be less relevant to you.

For Facebook, the stakes of Apple's new privacy change couldn't be higher.

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