Europol: Criminal gangs selling fake COVID-19 test results

Europol: Criminal gangs selling fake COVID-19 test results

He then followed that $230 million has been awarded to Ellume in order to scale the manufacturing base and capacity of this easy to use test. "Thanks to this contract, they'll be able to scale production to manufacture more than 19 million test kits per month by the end of the year".

The self-performed test, which won US emergency use authorization in December, can give results within 15 minutes or less.

Ellume said it would use the money from the US contract to build a manufacturing plant in the USA, according to the Associated Press, and plans to deliver 8.5 million tests for federal use.

A factory worker in MA undergoes a Covid test before work.

The test, which uses a nasal swab and can be purchased without a prescription, can be performed at home with results reported via smartphone app within 15 minutes.

Ellume CEO Dr Sean Parsons said in December the test is "really simple" to use.

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One airline - Emirates - has already started trialling a technological solution to counterfeit test results in five of its destination countries - the UAE, France, UK, Spain and the Netherlands. "However, the fact that it can be used completely at home and return results quickly means that it can play an important role in response to the pandemic", Jeff Shuren, M.D., J.D., director of FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health said in December when the FDA gave the test emergency use authorization.

The Ellume deal provides an early look at how President Joe Biden plans to expand Covid-19 testing, which has always been a problem in the US.

Since authorising two vaccines in December, the United States has distributed almost 50 million doses and administered over 31 million shots.

It detects Covid-19 with 95 percent accuracy.

"I would not at this point be overly confident that those doses would come evenly", Slavitt added.

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