Domestic COVID-19 vaccine production to begin by end of year; Trudeau

Domestic COVID-19 vaccine production to begin by end of year; Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the government has inked a deal that will see COVID-19 vaccines churned out on home soil.

The deal could help Trudeau tamp down the political headache caused by Canada's skeletal vaccine production capacity.

More than half the COVID-19 cases identified in Novavax's British trial were the B.1.17 variant and 90 per cent of the cases in South Africa were B.1.351.

Nanovax will produce their vaccine at the National Research Council's Royalmount facility.

Canada has a deal to buy 52-million doses from Novavax after it is approved by Health Canada.

"We knew that there would be some hurdles along the way with unpredictability and increased demand for production", Trudeau said.

But on Tuesday, officials confirmed that in response to scaled back shipments of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines to Canada from Europe, that deadline has now been pushed back to February 10.

Ottawa has faced criticism in recent months, because, before Tuesday, it hadn't negotiated the right to manufacture doses of any leading COVID vaccines in Canada, as many countries did.

But Canada's partnership with CanSino fell apart nearly as quickly as it began, when China refused to allow any doses of the vaccine to be exported to Canada for use in a clinical trial here.

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The vaccine is made using technology that was developed at the NRC and then licensed to CanSino for use in an Ebola vaccine.

Neither facility is expected to be completed until at least this summer, with the new manufacturing plant not expected to be finished until July.

"Vaccines work, they are safe and effective", said Trudeau.

Canada's only vaccine production exists with Sanofi in Toronto and GlaxoSmithKline in Quebec.

Approximately 280,084 doses of the Pfizer vaccine and 61,816 doses of the Moderna vaccine have been administered in Ontario.

Recently, pressure has built again, as Europe - where Canada now gets all its vaccines - introduced a temporary mechanism to limit vaccine exports from the bloc.

The move to revive more Canadian vaccine manufacturing was sparked amid the pandemic, after the industry dwindled considerably over the preceding decades.

On Tuesday, the prime minister announced $25.1 million for the Vancouver-based biotechnology company, which is in the process of building a $50.2 million biomanufacturing centre "to produce vaccines and therapeutics for the prevention and treatment of diseases such as infectious diseases, rare diseases, cancer and other areas of unmet need", according to the government.

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