Apple's iCloud passwords Chrome extension released

Apple's iCloud passwords Chrome extension released

Following the news that Apple would shortly be updating iCloud for Windows, the company has officially released its Keychain password feature for Google Chrome.

You can download the Chrome extension at the source link below.

It's not known why Apple pulled the latest version, but it could be due to issues many users have experienced with the Chrome extension, including problems with two-factor authentication when trying to access websites and the browser extension failing to work at all. The iCloud Password is available in Chrome Webstore for both Windows and Mac platforms. The iCloud Passwords browser extension for Google Chrome was added to the Chrome Web Store yesterday and it is obviously free to download and install.

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With Tim Cook at the helm, however, the walled garden sometimes ventures out of its box, giving us alternative browser and keyboards on the iPhone, and now a half-bakediCloud Passwords Chrome extension. So if you already have version 12.0 of iCloud of Windows - or when it appears - make sure you tick that option or your extension won't be able to do anything.

The Chrome extension is supposed to automagically keeps tabs on and use the " same strong Safari passwords you create on your Apple device, with Chrome on Windows". It also saves any new password you saved on Google Chrome to your iCloud Keychain so that new passwords are also available on Apple Devices. Other than that, working with the iCloud Passwords extension is as easy as any other password manager; you shouldn't have issues there. The extension installs just fine, but you'll need to indicate that you're syncing to Internet Explorer, not Chrome, which might require you to adjust the setting on your "Bookmarks" options.

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