Cloverfield Sequel within the Works With JJ Abrams as Co-Producer

Cloverfield Sequel within the Works With JJ Abrams as Co-Producer

News of a proper sequel comes almost three years after Abrams confirmed during a panel at 2018 CinemaCon that a "true, dedicated" follow-up in the works to the 2008 hit.

Paramount and J.J. Abrams' Dangerous Robotic have introduced on "The Batman" sequence showrunner Joe Barton to jot down the script for an untitled sequel to "Cloverfield", the studio has confirmed. The upcoming film is being described by the media outlet as a sequel, but it's unclear whether it's a direct sequel to the 2008 original or a tangentially related film like 10 Cloverfield Lane or The Cloverfield Paradox.

"Paramount and JJ Abrams" Bad Robot Productions have confirmed that Joe Barton is set to pen a screenplay that will take up the story almost a decade and a half later. Plot details are also being kept under wraps, but the film will not be in the found footage style as the original was.

Many have been hoping for a direct sequel to the modern classic for over a decade now, with whispers of a continuation of the 2008 story as far back as right after Cloverfield scored an impressive $172 million worldwide against a $25 million budget.

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The Star Wars sequel trilogy head will return to produce the film via his Bad Robot banner alongside the label's Head of Film Hannah Minghella and Paramount Pictures, while original director Reeves and writer Goddard are not now set to return in any capacity. The cast included Lizzy Caplan and T.J. Miller. With the release of 10 Cloverfield Lane in 2016, the banner kicked off a franchise of loosely connected films, which continued with The Cloverfield Paradox in 2018.

One would have thought the franchise's brand was not in the title - hell the movie's famous teaser trailer didn't even mention the title - but in the notion of giant monsters and a found footage concept.

Barton's Amazon Studios sci-fi thriller "Invasion" is in post-production, with Riz Ahmed and Octavia Spencer starring.

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