11 soldiers injured after ingesting 'unknown substance' at Fort Bliss, Army says

11 soldiers injured after ingesting 'unknown substance' at Fort Bliss, Army says

Its headquarters is in El Paso.

Eleven soldiers at a United States military base in Texas were hospitalized, with two in critical condition, after drinking antifreeze they mistook for alcohol, Army officials said on Friday. Early signs pointed to antifreeze or some chemical like it that was mistaken for something else, said an Army official with knowledge of the incident who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss and ongoing investigation.

In a statement the USA military confirmed the soldiers were suffering from "ethylene glycol", usually called antifreeze, poisoning.

All 11 soldiers were hospitalized Thursday afternoon and more than 24 hours after the incident, two soldiers remained seriously ill in the intensive care unit at the base's William Beaumont Army Medical Center. "Army and Fort Bliss regulations prohibit the consumption of alcohol in a field training environment".

Payne continued on to say that soldiers are not allowed to drink alcohol during training exercises or while on duty.

The soldiers have shown "significant improvement", including one who no longer needed ventilator support, Sully said.

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Up to four of the soldiers were expected to be released Friday evening, said Col. Shawna Scully, deputy commander of medical services at the hospital.

The military added this substance had been "acquired outside of authorised food supply distribution channels". It can immediately cause kidney failure or large doses can lead to organ failure, Scully said.

'Our Leaders are engaged at every level to provide guidance, information, and care for their teammates. "We do want to understand what happened that day". "Our primary concern remains the well-being of our soldiers, our families, and the unit".

Two weeks ago, Staff Sgt John D.S. Bailey, 27, took his own life at an on-post residence at Fort Bliss, after his father said his son's 'demons overcame him'.

America's 17,000 strong 1st Armoured Division is based out of Fort Bliss.

Pfc Asia Graham, 19 (left), was found dead in her barracks on New Year's Eve.

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