Explained: Why health experts in the U.S. are now recommending ‘double masking’

Explained: Why health experts in the U.S. are now recommending ‘double masking’

Read on to see why the top health agency still isn't telling people to wear to the coveted face coverings, and for more on PPE you may need to upgrade, check out If You Have This Mask, Get a New One Now, Experts Say.

The CDC has not recommended the public use N95 respirators as N95s should be reserved for health care workers.

At the same time, Walensky emphasized the importance of staying 6 feet apart while wearing masks, a message that the CDC also emphasized on Twitter Wednesday.

The public health official explained she's concerned people may be less inclined to keep their masks on if they are wearing an N95.

President Joe Biden has embraced masks as a core strategy for ending the pandemic, mandating face coverings on planes, airports and all federal buildings.

"Wearing an appropriate mask with a proper fit has been effective to this point in the pandemic and will continue to be effective", said Dr. John O'Horo, infectious disease specialist at the Mayo Clinic.

Walensky, who until her recent appointment was chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital, said: "Everybody should be wearing a mask".

Is double masking really more effective? "That's the reason why you see people either double masking or doing a version of an N95".

Dr. Lisa Bryski, a physician in Winnipeg, isn't aware of any studies on double-masking efficacy, but she still agrees with Fauci's claim.

But Dr Linsey Marr, an expert in virus transmission at Virginia Tech University, told The New York Times that double- and triple-masking isn't necessary for anyone. As with cloth masks, make sure your disposable mask fits close to your face without large side gaps and completely covers your nose and mouth.

Surgical masks are made of three layers of medical-grade material, including non-absorbable outer sections and a non-woven polypropylene middle that makes it more effective at filtering viral particles.

Chinese authorities now using anal swabs to trace COVID-19 infections
China, to this end, has imposed stricter requirements on global arrivals in an effort to keep domestic transmission close to zero. According to Reuters, some people who test negative with a throat swab have since tested positive with nose and anal swabs.

A study conducted by Duke University a year ago suggested that a disposable surgical mask made out of a plastic-derived material called polypropylene was the next best option after the N95 respirator with no valve.

Variants of the novel coronavirus are spreading around the world, including the more transmissible one from the United Kingdom that has been detected across the US, Europe, and pretty much everywhere in the world.

Karan, an outspoken advocate of better masks, said in an e-mail Thursday afternoon that he and others "have been pushing better masks since last spring - so we knew the idea would be met with some resistance by any administration".

While studies are underway to assess how transmissible the new variants are, Barr says spread could happen with less contact with an infected person, and less droplet exposure.

Marr said while N95s are the gold standard, they are not the only acceptable face mask.

In some countries, such as Germany and France, all citizens are required to wear a medical-grade or surgical mask while travelling in a bus, train or tram and even while visiting the supermarket.

That means people need to be more committed to limiting infections, he says.

'Based on these findings, we recommend a three-layer mask consisting of outer layers of a flexible, tightly woven fabric and an inner layer consisting of a material created to filter out particles, ' the authors wrote. Jazz Atwal. "Is double-masking better than a single mask?"

Dr. Anna Banerji, director of Global and Indigenous Health at the University of Toronto's Temerty Faculty of Medicine, suggested that Canadians may also want to consider wearing face masks while in certain circumstances outdoors to help reduce possible transmission. This is why many researchers recommend double masking for extra security.

So, what is the best way to "double mask"?

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