‘Welcome to Brexit!’ Man has sandwiches confiscated driving into Europe from UK

‘Welcome to Brexit!’ Man has sandwiches confiscated driving into Europe from UK

"Welcome to Brexit, sir, I'm sorry", an official in the video said.

"Since Brexit, you are no longer allowed to bring certain foods to Europe, like meat, fruit, vegetables, fish, that kind of stuff", a Dutch border official told the driver in footage broadcast by TV network NPO 1.

The driver in question later asked if he could keep the bread if he took off the meat from his sandwiches.

It arrives immediately after an officer at the Hook of Holland seaport was filmed mocking "welcome to Brexit, sir" - as he took a British truck driver's ham sandwich at the border.

"Now look, at this moment the volumes, like you saw, we're pretty small this morning - 30 cars", Rien de Ruijter, Customs team leader told the TV channel.

They forced him to hand over his ham sandwich. Not guns, drugs or people smuggled over the border - but a ham sandwich wrapped in tinfoil.

The new Brexit rules have also hit grocery retailer Marks and Spencer, which wasn't able to stock its popular sandwiches and meals in France after Britain's official exit from the European Union on 1 January.

The UK's post-Brexit travel rules, which came into force on January 1, do not guarantee visa-free travel for artists and other creatives throughout the EU's 27 member states.

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British government guidance warns people they can not carry in their personal luggage "products of animal origin such as those containing meat or dairy", for example "a ham and cheese sandwich".

Earlier, Dutch retailer Dutch Bike Bits said it will no longer ship to the United Kingdom because Britain is asking overseas firms to apply and collect British taxes on behalf of the British government when selling to United Kingdom customers.

Industry bodies, including trade group UK Music, have warned that performers who have to secure individual visas for each country they visit may face extra costs.

The rule is in place to guard against the potential spread of animal diseases, such as foot and mouth and swine fever.

The European Commission says the ban is necessary to prevent the transfer of animal disease via pathogens in meat and dairy products.

EU rules ban the import of meat and dairy products into European countries from overseas, and those measures now apply to lorry drivers from Britain.

But while travelers having their lunches seized might be annoying, the real impacts of Brexit are being felt by businesses.

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