Trump touts border wall in visit to Texas

Trump touts border wall in visit to Texas

WASHINGTON: After being banned from Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets US President Donald Trump was banned for at least one week from YouTube, reported CNN.

Twitter meanwhile had already indicated that its patience with Donald Trump was wearing thin, when it warned the USA president on Wednesday that "Future violations of the Twitter Rules, including our Civic Integrity or Violent Threats policies, will result in permanent suspension of the @realDonaldTrump account".

Many tech companies have moved to curtail Trump online since a violent mob of his supporters, urged on by the president, stormed the Capitol last week.

YouTube said it had issued the account a single strike, preventing it from uploading new videos for seven days, but said that timeframe could be extended.

A spokesperson said that a second strike on the channel will lead to a two-week ban, and three strikes means permanent suspension.

Twitter went a step further by deleting Trump's account, depriving him of his favorite megaphone.

The U.S Vice President, Mike Pence, has stated that he will not invoke the 25th Amendment needed to impeach Trump. YouTube also said it was disabling comments on his video indefinitely. Instead, the Google-owned service introduced a new strike policy.

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"Which is why McConnell must move to start an immediate trial in the Senate ". Trump would be convicted by the current Senate.

Dr. Jackson said President Trump's tweets do incite violence. This was Trump's first remarks in the public after Twitter permanently suspended his account.

Apart from this, Facebook's sister company Instagram had also blocked Trump's accounts for policy violations.

Websites like Twitter and Facebook have even banned President Donald Trump.

Trump accused the company of conspiring with the "Radical Left", while some worldwide leaders including German Chancellor Angela Merkel have called the ban "problematic".

New York Times reporter Davey Alba tweeted earlier about a video that has since been removed, where Trump said things like "there is always a countermove" and "our journey is just beginning".

On Jan. 13, for example, CBS News published a report with the headline "YouTube Temporarily Bans New Videos From Trump Account".

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