To Skirt COVID Curfew, She Put Partner on Leash

To Skirt COVID Curfew, She Put Partner on Leash

When asked by cops why she was breaking the curfew, she said that she was within curfew rules to walk outside of her house till 1 km to walk her dog outside of curfew hours. Instead, it was hooked to the woman's 40-year-old partner as the couple walked in Sherbrooke after 9pm Saturday, police tell the Montreal Gazette.

Gendron says the individuals were uncooperative and happy to receive a ticket, even claiming they wanted to see how many they could get and suggesting that they'd continue to break the rules.

The woman reportedly told police that she was just out "walking her dog" near their home in the city of Sherbrooke, in Quebec province.

"Our focus is on continuing to work with the federal government's national operations centre and the Public Health Agency of Canada to support the government's COVID-19 vaccine implementation plan", she added.

But that leash was not attached to a dog, per CTV News.

The couple received a $3,000 fine.

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Authorities fined a married couple in Quebec for breaking a curfew implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The provincial curfew in Quebec went into effect Saturday and begins nightly at 8 p.m until 5 a.m. the following morning.

The curfew is needed to prevent gatherings that have fueled the rampant spread of the virus, Quebec Premier Francois Legault said.

During the first weekend under curfew, police across Quebec handed out 750 tickets to people who ventured outside after 8pm.

There have been almost 680,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Canada since the start of the pandemic and some 17,250 deaths.

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