LG teases its upcoming rollable phone

LG teases its upcoming rollable phone

But LG seemingly feels confident enough to show the device off.

LG Rollable has been teased at the company's virtual CES 2021 press conference.

The only thing we know is that LG has confirmed to Engadget that the devices will be known as the LG Rollable when it eventually hits the market... whenever that is.

LG Rollable

LG is experimenting with wild new smartphone designs via its "Explorer Project". In the video at the source link, you can see how the LG Rollable seamlessly shrinks from a tablet into a smartphone. The LG Wing, which features a swiveling main display, was the first smartphone as part of the Explorer Project.

As the name suggests, LG is using its rollable display technology to create a phone that starts out as a somewhat normal-shaped phone, but it can then expand or resize by unrolling to turn into a mini tablet. According to LG, the rollable smartphone features a "unique resizable screen" that is capable of transforming. While we're intrigued by LG's latest concept, we have a lot of questions about how it works. Unfortunately, however, there is still no word on the key tech specs of the phone.

So many rollable smartphones at CES 2021, so little time. In addition to a demo video that briefly showcases the phone's build, TCL also revealed that the phone can expand from a "compact" 6.7-inch display all the way up to 7.8-inches by simply pressing a button. The LG Wing was the first and now they are following up with Rollable. Like the Oppo X 2021 that was teased back in November of previous year, the LG Rollable also has a screen that expands from one side from its smartphone shape to a tablet shape.

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