Sales of electric cars overtake petrol and diesel in Norway

Sales of electric cars overtake petrol and diesel in Norway

Electric vehicle sales in Norway overtook those powered by petrol, diesel and hybrid engines in 2020, new data released by the Norwegian Road Federation (OFV) showed.

According to Opplysningsradet for Veitrafikken (Information Council for Road Traffic), electric vehicles accounted for 54.3% of the new auto market last year, up from 42.4% a year earlier.

While the sale of BEVs had topped the 50% mark in some months throughout 2020, it was the first time that fully electric cars outsold the combined volume of models containing internal combustion engines for a year as a whole.

The figure is up from 42.4% in 2019, according to the Norwegian Road Federation (OFV).

Volkswagen's luxury brand Audi claimed the number one spot with its e-tron SUV and sportback model as the most sold new passenger vehicles in Norway a year ago.

New auto sales in the country past year were 141,412, of which 76,789 were fully electric.

The incentives make most electric vehicle models cheaper to buy than similar petrol models, according to the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association.

BEV sales accelerated in the final months of 2020, hitting its highest level for any single month in December, with a 66.7% share of the vehicle market.

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December was an exceptional month for EVs as two-thirds of all vehicle sales were electric.

"We're definitely on track to reach the 2025 target", said Øyvind Thorsen, OFV's CEO.

"This is an extremely positive trend", Christina Bu, secretary general of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association, said.

The advances have also come at a steep price tag for the country.

The United Kingdom also has goals for a conversion to zero-emission vehicles, enacting a ban on the sale of news cars that run only on fossil fuels by 2030.

The seller of Daimler AG's Mercedes-Benz as well as the Kia, Peugeot, Opel, Citroen, DS and Smart brands, predicted around 70% of its sales would be of fully electric models in 2021. According to the Norwegian Ministry of Finance, previous year the loss of tax revenue from the subsidies approached 20 billion Norwegian kroner ($2.3 billion, 1.9 billion euros).

The biggest losers of 2020 in Norway are diesel vehicles, which tumbled to 8.6 percent market share compared to 75.7 percent in 2011.

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