Democrats take control of the Senate

Democrats take control of the Senate

The Rev. Raphael Warnock, a Democrat, defeated Sen.

Ossoff is the first Jewish senator from Georgia and will be the youngest sitting USA senator at age 33.

The Republican debacle in Georgia - sealed when Jon Ossoff was proclaimed the victor in the second of two Senate runoff races - came as Trump supporters furious about his election defeat launched a violent assault on the US Capitol, disrupting Congress's session to affirm Biden's victory and plunging Washington into chaos. David Perdue, a six-year incumbent.

To be sure, a narrow win out of 4.4 million votes involves plenty of variables. Notably, it wasn't just in metro Atlanta, but also in rural and small-town counties across South Georgia, where Black turnout has historically lagged.

She had repeatedly portrayed Mr Warnock as "radical liberal" who didn't share Georgia values and would steer the country towards socialism.

The 117th U.S. Congress was sworn in on Sunday.

Loeffler lost her runoff race this week to Democrat Raphael Warnock.

State officials said there were no major problems with voting on Tuesday. That certainly had something to do with it.

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A Democratic sweep would result in a 50-50 split in the Senate with Democrats holding the tie-breaking vote in Vice President Kamala Harris. AP VoteCast interviewed more than 3,600 voters to measure the electorate's views on a range of topics.

After a shaken Congress formally certified Biden's election victory in the early hours of Thursday, Wall Street focused on the implications of the Democrats' control of Congress. If they wind up within a half a percent, that could possibly lead to a recount.

That sentiment clearly tracks Trump's false rhetoric about election fraud, a claim that has been rejected by Attorney General William Barr, dozens of federal courts and several prominent Republican senators.

He continued, "Our Georgia senators campaigned on it, and our caucus is strongly for it".

"Once (Treasury yields) start to move, as they did yesterday, it wasn't a big move but it was in the right direction, that is the direction of the future", said Joseph Trevisani, senior analyst at

The double win marked a final setback for Trump in his efforts to turn the election his way, including his urging protesters to "cheer on" those challenging the election, and only telling them to retreat after they broke windows in the Capitol and forced members of Congress to barricade in the chamber. That makes a steep hill for Republicans in the newfound swing state. There were no reports of hourslong lines. For most voters, Trump's performance since the November presidential election has not been inspiring. Although Kemp defended this as maintenance of voter rolls, he was accused of disenfranchising Black voters, who lean Democratic. Warnock pulled off a win.

But Democrats have threatened to put more scrutiny on such companies to combat their size and reach. Meanwhile, Democrats turned out at higher levels. Mr Ossoff drew out suburban and educated voters around Atlanta.

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