NVIDIA GeForce NOW Streaming Comes to iOS Safari

NVIDIA GeForce NOW Streaming Comes to iOS Safari

"We're looking forward to delivering a cloud-streaming Fortnite mobile experience powered by GeForce NOW". Now the service is spreading its wings even further. Nvidia is currently working with Epic Games to develop a touch-friendly version of the game for GeForce Now.

Apple in August said that cloud gaming services were allowed on the App Store, but that each individual game must be submitted to be reviewed by Apple's ‌App Store‌ team.

Nvidia has joined other cloud gaming providers in bypassing Apple's App Store and launching a mobile web app version of GeForce NOW service.

Nvidia says there will be some notable restrictions involved.

This week's Nvidia GeForce Now update is bigger than usual. After a turbulent start, Nvidia's service switched to an opt-in method for game publishers.

GeForce Now users can access the service - and many of its supported games - starting today.

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Apple defends delay of privacy feature slams Facebook

Rolled out in beta version, the American company has set an introductory price of $5 and now you can log into your Steam, Epic and Ubisoft account and play a range of games.

Nvidia has beaten both Microsoft and Amazon to the punch by enabling GeForce Now on the iPhone and iPad Safari web browser. It allows players to play PC games they have on their cloud, provided they are compatible.

Better yet, you can dip your toes in for free.

Over 750 PC games are available on GeForce NOW, including popular titles such as Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Destiny 2 Beyond Light and Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Fortnite won't be immediately available, however. "Members can look for the game on iOS Safari in the near future". The premium "Founders Edition" subscription grants priority access and bumps your play sessions up to six straight hours.

Alongside the Safari browser version, Nvidia said it would launch another web browser version, for Chrome, in early 2021. Currently, you need to use a launcher app to use Nvidia's service on the PC or Mac. Because of this specification, the developers will need some more time before they can release Fortnite on iOS. The bad news, however, is that GeForce Now is not officially available in Brazil today. Epic, in return, brought a law-suit against the gaming company. You can download the official Stadia app on an iPhone or iPad, but it's basically just a tool for browsing the store, messaging friends, and more.

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