Ethiopia violence has put 2.3 million children in crisis

Ethiopia violence has put 2.3 million children in crisis

"Tigray is now a hell to its enemies", the local government said in a statement.

A communications blackout in Tigray has made claims hard to verify, but the overall death toll is believed to be in the hundreds.

The conflict is rooted in long-standing tension between powerful regional party the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) and Ethiopia's central government.

The TPLF also carried out rocket attacks last weekend on airports in the Amhara region, as well as the capital of neighboring Eritrea. Both Eritrea and Ethiopia deny the allegation.

"The rockets have caused no damage".

The government accused the TPLF of attacking a military base to steal weapons, which the TPLF denied.

A week ago, Tigray forces fired rockets at two airports in Amhara.

Abiy's government did not immediately respond to CNN's request for comment.

The party has complained of being sidelined and blamed for the country's woes.

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Worldwide calls for peace have escalated along with the fighting, and the African Union on Friday named three former national presidents as mediators in the conflict.

"What definitely is clear is that fighting is ongoing and it is sporadic, you never know where it's going to happen", said Hameed Nuru, the Sudan country representative for the World Food Program.

"At this point neither party, from everything we hear, is interested in mediation", said Tibor Nagy, the top United States diplomat for Africa. There was no immediate reaction from the TPLF.

But observers have voiced concern about Tigrayans losing their jobs or being arrested for their ethnicity.

It is regrettable that members of the U.S. legislative bodies have been misled to pressure Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to abandon his law enforcement responsibilities, despite the deplorable crimes committed by the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF). Since then, his controversial campaign has seen warplanes bombing Tigray and heavy fighting, while Amnesty International has documented a gruesome massacre.

Almost 30,000 Ethiopians have now fled into neighbouring Sudan and analysts say the hostilities could destabilise the entire Horn of Africa region.

Some of the refugees are arriving with accounts of shelling or airplanes flying overhead, but Bisschop said for now authorities are asking mainly "humanitarian questions" as they urgently seek to provide services.

"There are pregnant women in the camp, diabetics with no insulin, people living with HIV/Aids with no medical care, and children without parents". According to reports, tens of thousands of refuges are crossing the border from Ethiopia to Sudan and are now located at theHamdayet Reception Center.

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