Slovenia PM backs Hungary, Poland in European Union rule of law row

Slovenia PM backs Hungary, Poland in European Union rule of law row

"Hungary and Poland blocked the EU's 2021-2027 budget and recovery plan on Monday because access to the funds would be conditional upon respecting the rule of law".

Hungary said in a statement it shared EU's values and commitment to the rule of law "but it should be left to the Hungarian people to decide whether those regulations are adhered to and implemented correctly, as they are as good judges of the issue as to any other European people".

While Hungary and Poland pioneered the blockade of the budget to head of the "blackmail" rules on Monday, they have since received support from Slovenia - another conservatively-minded central European state which may have something to fear from Europe tying the often considerable development fund payments to political control.

The mechanism is not in line with the legal framework agreed under the Treaty of Lisbon and will create disputes between individual member states, Jansa said at a session of Slovenia's Parliament. The European Commission is investigating Poland and Hungary for violating standards of democracy and rule of law.

"Once this proposal gets adopted, there will be no more obstacles to tying member states' share of common funds to supporting migration and (to the) use of financial means to blackmail countries which oppose migration", he said.

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Orban is a staunch opponent of mass immigration on the grounds that it dilutes national and European identity.

But EU concerns that Hungary is undermining the rule of law have focused on a wide range of issues, including judicial independence, freedom of expression, corruption, the rights of minorities, and the situation of migrants and refugees in Hungary.

Orban said Hungary was committed to the rule of law, but added: "Those who defend their borders and defend their countries against immigration can no longer be classified as law-abiding in Brussels". "Orban is afraid that the new rule of law mechanism will harm his autocratic regime".

In a letter to top European Union officials Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel, Jansa said even though Slovenia supports respecting the rule of law in all cases, "discretionary mechanisms that are not based on independent judgement but on politically motivated criteria can not be called 'the rule of law'".

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