"27" Apple Cinema Display and M1 Mac Mini

But not just that, a lot is being said about the macOS Big Sur, which rolled out to end users a few days ago. Microsoft's new Edge browser is also expected to follow soon, with the Edge team confirming on Twitter yesterday that support for Apple's ARM-based M1 chip was in the works. It turns out you can still run Windows apps on these new Macs using CodeWeavers' CrossOver software, and it comes as a surprise (even to CodeWeavers) how well it works. An M1 Mac isn't your best bet for running Windows software, but CrossOver shows that it's not a lost cause. That said, if you require running Windows apps on your Mac, there is good news for you.

"We also installed the beta version of Big Sur 11.1, because we know it has some critical fixes to Rosetta".

CrossOver is based on the open-source project WINE and emulates Intel Windows binaries via Rosetta 2 on the ARM Mac.

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CodeWeavers has already confirmed that Quicken and Among Us works, but as the video above demonstrates, Team Fortress 2 runs very well, too.

The developers are satisfied with their first results, having managed to run programs on a throttled chip with a deactivated GPU core on the entry-level computer MacBook Air. According to 9to5 Mac's Stephen Hall, the M1 MacBook Air started showing signs of slowing down after he worked on multiple heavy software, something that MacBook air users are not meant to do.

The main list shows at a glance whether a native M1 version of an app is available or not, and if not, how well the app runs under Rosetta 2 emulation, if the developer has announced upcoming M1 support, and when the app was last updated.

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