Shawn Mendes' Songs Have 'Always' Been About Camila

Shawn Mendes' Songs Have 'Always' Been About Camila

It appears that the young artist will be providing them with some never before seen behind the scenes footage from his world tour.

Then he can be heard confessing that 'My song comes on the radio or something and I am like, 'Everything is about you. "Like, every song I ever wrote'".

As much as they tried to play coy about what was going on between them (while also talking about it a lot), both Cabello and Mendes haven't hesitated to be open about their relationship.

Speaking of his music, this also comes just as Shawn released his newest single, Wonder, earlier this month!

"I'm like, 'They're all about you. It was hard. I think the longest time we spent in front of it separated, was, perhaps, three weeks".

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But above all, Shawn says, "This isn't a story abut a famous musician". The documentary attempts to help fans understand Shawn the Musciain and Shawn the Regular Guy growing up. In that vein, there are many shots of the 22-year-old "If I Can't Have You" singer on stage, but there are also more intimate moments-especially between him and girlfriend Cabello, who makes more than one appearance by the subject's side.

According to Netflix, In Wonder features "unprecedented access" to Shawn's private life at home and while traveling the world, and also includes "years of footage as he rose from precocious troubadour to global superstar".

This will be followed by Mendes' fourth album, Wonder, which releases on December 4.

The "Treat You Better" singer took to Twitter yesterday to debut the trailer and notify fans that it will be available on Netflix Canada November 23.

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