Billie Eilish fans freak out over her optical illusion trainers

Billie Eilish fans freak out over her optical illusion trainers

Billie Eilish has sparked a debate reminiscent of the one over "the dress" with photos and videos of a pair of her Nike shoes that she claims are mint green and white.

Despite her insistence, many of Eilish's fans were divided, with the majority revealing that they see the sneakers as pink and white.

"I'm still pressed about this", she continued. Expecting people to agree with her frustration, Eilish was shocked that people also started to agree with her dad that the shoes were in pink and white. She said she saw gold and blue and posted an IG Story of the image as proof.

Personally, I can see the shoes as either mint and white or pink and white, which only serves to make the whole fiasco even more confusing.

A screenshot of Billie Eilish's Nike Air More Umptempo "Mint White".

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The Grammy victor has proof that the sneakers aren't really pink and white.

The singer was responding to questions on her Instagram stories when one clever fan asked "new song?" to which she replied: "November". "I've come to the conclusion that you guys just don't know your sneakers at all", she said in response to people who were equally confused (or right, if you ask me) about the colour. With that said, she is furious people are insisting they are not the color she said they are.

"I'm sorry to break it to you, but your shoes are very much pink and white", someone else tweeted at the Ocean Eyes singer. She assumed fans would agree with her - but she was sorely mistaken. Maintaining a firm commitment to the actual color of the shoe, she informed fans that the shoe was really mint and ended the debate after showing additional images of the shoe.

That got Billie laughing and saying, "You got me there". 'And real quick: before you keep arguing or whatever the fuck, the entire internet's been calling me fat for a week, so let me have this'.

Eilish was referring to last week, when she received criticism after wearing tighter clothes than her normally baggy swag.

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