Beastie Boys License "Sabotage" For New Joe Biden Ad

Beastie Boys License

Discussing the effects that the pandemic has had on his venue, Malcoun says that Donald Trump's response has been devastating for venues like his. Malcoun talks about how hard it's been for venues, bars, and restaurants to make ends meet with limited revenue during the pandemic and warns that many won't survive without federal assistance.

So, when a major US presidential candidate wants to air a political campaign ad on television to highlight the struggles of the live entertainment business, it seems like the ideal opportunity for the Beastie Boys to break their streak and license a song for the cause.

Joe Biden has raised twice as much ad money as Donald Trump according to reports, which is handy as he maintains a presence on the airwaves as Trump barnstorms around the country in his inimitable way. "My only hope for my family, this business and my community is that Joe Biden win this election".

Malcoun had also blamed the low attendance at the Blind Pig's live music shows in June on a lack of communication instead of bashing Trump.

He added: 'Usually you make money as a CEO and then money allows you to become an angel investor. And it's a Joe Biden ad.

The ad talks about how bars and restaurants fought during the COVID-19 epidemic
The ad talks about how bars and restaurants fought during the COVID-19 epidemic

'There were different situations where I had money (at first)'.

He is the co-founder of Kahuts, an Ann Arbor-based office sharing startup. The entire live entertainment industry has been struggling since the coronavirus pandemic hit the March. "The very last thing we want is to be the epicenter of a new outbreak".

On Twitter, Malcoun acknowledged on Tuesday that the bar is 'technically ALLOWED to be open at reduced capacity right now.we are closed because it's UNSAFE and irresponsible to be open'.

"If Trump had taken this virus seriously from the beginning and imposed a national strategy to address it venues like the Pig would be open by now and you would be enjoying live music again", said Malcoun from his now-protected account.

Malcolm contributed $ 5,000 to the Biden campaign in July, according to the Federal Electoral Commission.

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