Last night out for French cities ahead of virus curfew

Last night out for French cities ahead of virus curfew

Live from Paris, as French healthcare workers have gathered for a protest organised by labour unions to demand better working conditions.

The situation due to this second wave of coronavirus spread was getting out of hand.

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"A curfew will apply to the Ile-de-France region...and eight metropolitan areas - Grenoble, Lille, Rouen, Lyon, Aix-Marseille, Saint-Etienne, Toulouse, Montpellier and Rouen", Macron said in a televised interview, Xinhua news agency reported.

President Emmanuel President Macron's office says France will restore a state of health emergency that expired three months ago.

"We have now entered a phase to which we must react..."

European countries see surge in coronavirus cases
The country has registered 300,000 new cases over the past month, bringing the number of infections to nearly a million. There were around 600 new daily cases in the summer, but the numbers rose rapidly after the vacation ended.

"The new measures will cost about 1 billion euros over the duration of the curfew", Le Maire told a news conference.

Prime Minister Jean Castex confirmed Thursday that the curfew requires almost all businesses would have to shut their doors, except for essential services, with "everybody home from 9 to 6".

Anyone found to be outdoors during the curfew without special authorisation will face a fine of €135.

Macron said France had not lost control of the virus, but added: "We are in a worrying situation".

Macron's appearance followed the announcement by the government that the "state of health emergency" would be reintroduced from Saturday.

France registered 22,591 new positive Covid-19 tests and 95 Covid-related deaths over the past 24 hours on Wednesday, bringing its total to 779,063 cases and 33,037 deaths.

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