Trump hosts first rally in Florida since contracting COVID-19

Trump hosts first rally in Florida since contracting COVID-19

US President Donald Trump held his first public rally since contracting the coronavirus on Monday, in Florida.

Trump's lead physician, Dr. Sean Conley, has said the president is no longer infectious and tested negative for the virus on two consecutive days.

The doctor explained that the president's recovery from COVID-19 was determined based on several factors and not only on the results of the rapid examination.

Critics have faulted Trump for failing to encourage supporters at campaign events, and even White House staff, to wear protective masks and abide by social-distancing guidelines. Appearing without a mask and with bandages still visible on his hands, likely from intravenous injections, Trump spoke for just 18 minutes - far less than his usual campaign rallies, which can last upwards of 90 minutes.

The United States leads the world in coronavirus cases and deaths, with over eight million Americans infected and 220,000 dead.

People watched as President Trump arrived on Air Force One for his campaign event at the Orlando Sanford International Airport on Monday in Sanford, Florida.

It should also come as no surprise that the Trump administration was apparently not humbled by the outbreak of COVID-19 in the White House. At least 11 close Trump aides have tested positive for the coronavirus. "I'll walk in there, I'll kiss everyone in that audience", Trump said in Sanford, Florida, showing his illness did not teach him to respect his own government's pandemic guidelines.

His plan to follow Trump into Florida on Tuesday is a bit of muscle-flexing in battleground states by a well-funded campaign that is ahead in most polls - including by narrow margins in OH and Florida.

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BIDEN'S PUSH: Biden is campaigning in OH as he attempts to expand the battleground map and keep Trump on the defensive in a state thought to be out of reach after veering right in the presidential race four years ago.

In a phone interview with reporters, Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien mocked Biden over the size of crowds at his campaign rallies.

During the campaign stop, Biden touted his economic recovery plan to "Build Back Better" and slammed the president as "reckless".

Introducing Biden at the union hall, Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz said the close polls in OH are a sign that Trump has not delivered on his 2016 promises to rescue American manufacturing in Toledo and other cities. No Republican has won the White House without carrying Ohio. "Trump knew how risky the disease was but did nothing", Biden said "Why didn't he tell us?"

Trump won Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa and North Carolina - the four states he is visiting this week - in 2016 against Clinton but is trailing Biden in all four this time around, according to a RealClearPolitics average of state polls.

"Joe Biden, speaking of travel, is going to be in OH today speaking to literally several people on the ground - a state the president won in 2016 and is going to win again in November", he said, according to CBS News.

The polls, conducted Tuesday through Sunday, showed Biden now leading Trump by 7 percentage points in both states.

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