The BBC's biggest earners as salaries of top stars revealed by broadcaster

The BBC's biggest earners as salaries of top stars revealed by broadcaster

Gary Lineker was again the BBC's best paid star, earning about £1.75m during the year - the same as 2018-19. The 90% of the United Kingdom population using the BBC each week rose to 94% in March this year during the coronavirus outbreak.

In fact, 76 of the BBC's presenters now earn more than UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose annual salary is £150,000.

The BBC Annual Report confirmed that Zoe's pay soared from £370,000 in 2019 to a minimum of £1.36 million.

Mr Lineker's pay from the BBC was mainly for presenting Match of the Day.

Davie said new rules would be across genres but "I do think the bar is higher, for current affairs and news".

Tim said: "Gary Lineker has signed up to a new five-year contract saving a quarter over his last contract".

Impartiality can not be "endangered by the wrong use of social media and there are no exceptions to that", he said.

Graham Norton takes about £725,000 for his Radio 2 show and some TV work, but not his chat show, and has also enjoyed a rise.

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The BBC also made significant efficiencies, boosted commercial profits to help fund quality programs for the license fee payer and made even more progress on gender pay.

Newsreader and election night presenter Huw Edwards is on more than £465,000.

Fiona Bruce moves up the published pay figures by £195,000 to around £450,000, now she is hosting Question Time.

The BBC continued to serve audiences across the U.K. Over half of network television production was in the nations and regions, with 50.7 percent from outside London and 20.8 percent from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Broadcaster Stephen Nolan is on more than £390,000 for his radio work, including 5 Live.

The BBC previously opposed the publication of salaries as a "poacher's charter", but then-boss Lord Hall later said he welcomed the "transparency". "Going into the coronavirus crisis the BBC already had, 31% less to spend on United Kingdom public services, than if the licence fee had risen with inflation since 2010".

The BBC's annual report has outlined that while it was a strong year for BBC content, the broadcaster must keep reforming to be trusted, relevant and indispensable in the digital age.

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