Google schedules 'Launch Night In' event for 30th September - Mobile Phones

Google schedules 'Launch Night In' event for 30th September - Mobile Phones

The tech giant has now confirmed that it will hold its next virtual product launch event on September 30, where it is expected to launch the Pixel 5, along with the new Chromecast and a smart speaker. At its "Launch Night In" event, Google will also launch its new Chromecast, new smart speaker and the Pixel 4a 5G. The event takes place on 30 Sept, and despite the name it is scheduled for 11am PT (7pm United Kingdom time). Visit for more information on this news. The phone's launch timeline was shared on the sidelines of the Pixel 4a launch in August. The phone is speculated to sport a 6-inch OLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate. This chipset will get 8GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The hype surrounding this new gadget is also very high.

The new Nest speaker is expected to finally be a replacement for the original Google Home which Google have provided some details to use all about with its ability to pair to other speakers as well as what appears to be wireless - ie. battery included. This would be similar to products like the recently launched Mi TV Stick and the Nokia Media Streamer.

OPPO surprises many with its ColorOS 11 launch and upcoming roadmap
There is an auto-reset permissions feature that resets app permissions if the particular app hasn't been used for a long time. Users can switch and control different smart home devices via a new Device Control menu without downloading new apps.

Pixel- sensible, do not anticipate Google to utilize the flagship level Snapdragon 865 So C, rather the business has actually always been reported to opt for the 765 household, since it's more budget-friendly. The fabric on the Nest, as seen in the Google video previously, will come in at least two colour's - grey with a hint of blue, and soft pink colour. The Pixel 5 is already leaked beyond all recognition and the Snapdragon 765G-toting mid-premium range phone will arrive in what looks to be a step down from the Pixel 4.

Oppo, which released the Android 11 features as part of its ColorOS 11 public beta version, is set to officially unveil the software on Monday.

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