Wildfire smoke is causing decreased air quality across parts of Montana

Wildfire smoke is causing decreased air quality across parts of Montana

It's been a week since wildfire smoke from Washington State enacted a Metro Vancouver air quality advisory and rendered the region's air the worst in the world, according to IQAir.

Conditions are a little better in some parts of the county east of Bellingham, but all areas still have unhealthy air quality.

The Bay Area's air quality will be unhealthy for all residents on Monday and Tuesday and unhealthy for sensitive groups on Wednesday, air district spokeswoman Kristine Roselius said.

Air quality across many parts of Montana is now rated at levels ranging from "unhealthy for sensitive groups" to "hazardous".

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The corporation posted a message on social media advising that wood smoke wafting north from the US had cut air quality over central and southern B.C., making delivery unsafe for its workers.

Exposure to particulate air matter - a result of wafting wildfire smoke - is particularly a concern for people with underlying conditions, respiratory infections like COVID-19, pregnant women, infants, children, and older adults. Air quality has reached HAZARDOUS in Libby, VERY UNHEALTHY in Thompson Falls, and UNHEALTHY in the Flathead Valley.

"The forecast indicates a slight improvement in air quality today but ground-level smoke will remain, and possibly until later this week", says Environment Canada. A ridge of high pressure is building and moving into Montana, which will continue the same pattern of westerly flow and calm weather.

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