Netanyahu joins Bahrain, UAE ministers at W.House for peace signing

Netanyahu joins Bahrain, UAE ministers at W.House for peace signing

At a White House ceremony on Tuesday, Trump promoted the deal as the "dawn of a new Middle East".

Hundreds of people were invited to attend and a symbolic handshake between the Arab representatives and Netanyahu has not been ruled out.

These remarks came in parallel with the declaration of the Israeli Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen on Sunday evening that other states are making deals with Israel.

The defense minister says that his ministry will work with the Pentagon to determine if and how such a sale would harm Israel's so-called "Qualitative Military Edge", which the USA is legally bound to maintain, and what could be done to maintain the Jewish state's superior capabilities. Gen. Tamir Yadai, prior to the briefing, says he did not expect that there would be a large-scale outbreak of violence by Palestinians in response to the normalization agreements with the UAE and Bahrain. Arabic on poster with representation of an Israeli flag reads, "traitor".

Along with the establishment of Israel-UAE and Israel-Bahrain diplomatic ties, the three countries will also ink a trilateral accord with President Donald Trump signing as a witness.

The back-to-back agreements mark an improbable diplomatic victory for Trump. Until now, foreign policy has not had a major role in a campaign dominated by the coronavirus, racial issues and the economy.

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh on Monday condemned the normalisation agreements and dubbed it a "black day" for the Arab world. Though the mood of the ceremony is expected to be warm, it will be up to the leaders whether they want to shake hands, the official told reporters.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the foreign ministers of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates arrived Tuesday at the White House to sign historic accords normalizing ties between the Jewish and Arab states.

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Less than a month after the agreement, Saudi Arabia's King Salman pressed Trump for a "fair" Palestinian solution. Other Arab countries believed to be close to recognizing Israel include Oman, Sudan and Morocco.

A Bahraini delegation is expected to join Israeli and UAE officials in Washington, DC on Tuesday for the formal signing of normalization treaties between Israel and UAE, and Israel and Bahrain.

The Palestinians have not embraced the US vision.

Under the agreement, Israel agreed to temporarily suspend plans to annex occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

"MORE countries to follow!" he added.

Meanwhile, a politically vulnerable Netanyahu is facing questions about appearing at such a large event just days after he announced a new nationwide lockdown to fight a surge in coronavirus cases that will impose severe restrictions on movement and gatherings.

Trump "understands Israel's security probably more than any American president in decades", the president's senior advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner said last week.

The UAE's minister of state for foreign affairs, Anwar Gargash, said on Tuesday his country's decision to normalise relations with Israel had "broken the psychological barrier" and was "the way forward" for the region.

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