Israeli court sentences model Bar Refaeli for tax evasion

Israeli court sentences model Bar Refaeli for tax evasion

Refaeli put on a beige t-shirt and a light blue surgical face mask and entered the Tel Aviv court. Zipi Refaeli is place to start serving her jail sentence following week.

Bar Refaeli has been sentenced to nine months community service for tax evasion.

Long case made around celebrity models Worldwide income And the family's attempt to downplay ties with Israel undermined her well-crafted public image as an unofficial ambassador.

According to the website, Bar and Zippi had in June negotiated a plea that required them to pay a $1.5 million fine, plus the taxes they owe. The 35-year-old Refaeli and her mother were convicted in July on offences of evading paying taxes on income nearing $10 million (U.S.). TV personality A female Peach Woman whose image is ubiquitous on highway billboards nationwide.

The case covers a period when Refaeli was in a relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio and frequently travelling around the world for modelling campaigns. Per Haaretz, the agreement aims to settle all criminal and civil charges against the supermodel, who will withdraw her tax appeals filed with the Israeli Supreme Court and the Tel Aviv District Court.

When the case was opened, the investigating bodies claim that Refaeli concealed the fact that she was an Israeli resident who failed to declare her million-dollar income and lavish gifts. The model stated she hadn't stayed in the country and therefore did not declare her income in certain years.

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The prosecution denied her claim and accused her of providing incorrect tax information.

Bar Refaeli's community sentence has been confirmed after she pleaded guilty to tax evasion.

In a previous appeal, an Israeli court ruled that her relationship with Refaeli and DiCaprio did not fall under the "family unit", so she could not claim her USA residence in order not to pay the full tax owed. "I take responsibility for the offenses and ask the court to accept the plea bargain on behalf of myself and my daughter to put this behind us", she said.

Tzipi was charged with failure to report income, avoiding paying taxes, and aiding some else in evading tax payments.

But prosecutors said she had been living in luxury homes in Israel leased by her mother and other relatives to hide her residency status.

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