Fortnite Nintendo Switch Special Edition Revealed, With New Joy-Con Colors

Fortnite Nintendo Switch Special Edition Revealed, With New Joy-Con Colors

When the new iteration of Switch rolls around, there's a solid chance that it will be capable of 4K quality, according to Nintendo themselves.

What exactly do you get in the bundle? You can download Fortnite for free on any Switch-but the package also includes a Wildcat Bundle download code and 2000 V-Bucks.

Obviously, dedicated Switch fans might want to take advantage, but this is especially useful for those wanting to pick up the popular portable console.

Nintendo has released Fortnite bundles for the Nintendo Switch before but they've never been as intricate as this new bundle.

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Interestingly, this report also brings up the upgraded Nintendo Switch model once again.

A new report says that game company Nintendo is already asking developers to make their upcoming Switch games 4K-ready.

The Fortnite-branded Switch - now confirmed for release in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand - features a themed docking unit, emblazoned with the faces of popular Fortnite characters and Joy-Con daubed in exclusive shades of yellow and "exclusive" as colour shades can be, I suppose. There is no word yet for when it's going to be released in Malaysia, and other places in the world.

We will have more pricing information as Nintendo release more information.

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