Six Teachers in Five States Have Died After Contracting COVID-19

Six Teachers in Five States Have Died After Contracting COVID-19

Demetria Bannister, a third grade teacher at Windsor Elementary School in Columbia, South Carolina, died on Monday from complications for COVID-19, according to ABC affiliate WAPT.

A teachers' union leader worries that the return to in-person classes will have a deadly impact across the US if proper precautions aren't taken.

AshLee DeMarinis was a 34-year-old special education teacher in Missouri.

Teachers in Iowa, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma and SC have lost their lives since early August while students began returning to schools.

DeMarinis battled COVID-19 in the hospital for three weeks before her death.

There have been teacher deaths in Missouri, South Carolina, and MS, and this is just in the weeks leading and during the start of this school year.

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Bannister had taught at Windsor Elementary School for five years. The school district says she was last seen at her school on August 28. The 28-year-old died three days later, according to CNN.

The Washington Post reports that at least six educators from places like Missouri, Mississippi, South Carolina, Iowa and Oklahoma have passed away since the start of the fall semester.

One of the two Mississipi teachers who died was middle school teacher Nacoma James. MS high school teacher Tom Slade, 53, also died on Sunday, while MS assistant high school football coach Nacoma James, 42, died in early August.

"He was a true representation of a Vancleave Bulldog and we will forever miss his wisdom, wittiness, love for all students, and love for his school family", the school wrote in a Facebook post.

"We want to thank Mayor Marty Walsh for his involvement in this process and for approaching it in a way that truly puts public health first, for the benefit of students, parents, staff, and the entire community", Tang said in a statement.

There is no doubt that the recent school reopening has contributed to the increasing number of teacher deaths in the well as COVID-19 cases among children.

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