Google adds company holiday for coronavirus work-from-home burnout

Google and Facebook have told their employees that they should be expecting to work from home until the start of next year at the earliest. Workers who need to return to the office will be able to do so as of June while adhering to enhanced safety measures.

Facebook gave employees $1,000 (₦390,000) bonuses for their work-from-home and childcare costs. The company claims to be in the process of identifying employees that will be required to report to the office. Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced to company employees that they will have to continue working from home till the end of the year, while only a handful will be allowed to resume work at their company offices.

The tech giants had originally announced plans to reopen their offices soon, but chose to allow more home working flexibility.

Amazon said employees who are able to work from home can do so through Oct. 2, while Microsoft said working from home will remain optional through October.

The coronavirus pandemic has led a lot of companies across the globe to bring work from home policies to employees.

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"Facebook has taken the next step in its return to work philosophy".

The virus, which has infected more than 3.8 million people globally so far, has forced strict lockdowns in most countries and changed the way businesses function, with work from home emerging as the new norm.

Furthermore, it could be good for employee welfare, as many workers are thought to be anxious about returning to crowded spaces in big cities during the coronavirus pandemic.

The email reads, "We're starting to really get the hang of these virtual meetings, though I do miss the experience of having so many of us in the same place".

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