Hawkeye confirmed as post-launch character for Marvel's Avengers

Hawkeye confirmed as post-launch character for Marvel's Avengers

"To Find Olympia" and "Missing Links" are examples of missions that you get to experience through these two heroes. You'll take on the role of four heroes - Iron Man, Kamala Khan, Black Widow, and Hulk - and develop their skills. You can play through these either with friends or AI-controlled allies.

Warzones and Dropzones are co-op missions that can be played with human teammates or AI companions.

The initial are HARM Challenge Rooms, which can be reinforced training simulations that gamers could dive right into battle against increasingly demanding waves of enemies. You can go it solo, with companion AI, or team up with three others to tackle the tasks. It will kick off with closed betas for pre-order buyers and then transition to an open beta, although the timing of these beta tests differs on each platform.

Are you excited to play Hawkeye in the Avengers video game? The Beta will include five Drop Zones. Usually, these types of WARZONES only have 1 objective to complete.

Progression carries between each beta weekend.

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Marvel's Avengers will release on September 4th.

Skills aren't the only thing to acquire. Plenty of rewards await, including a special nameplate that will carry over to the main game.

To ensure you get access, be certain to register for a Square Enix Member's account, which will be used to validate pre-order codes and content as well as to deliver post-launch exclusives like new heroes, new missions, and new regions at no additional cost.

During today's presentation, the developers finally revealed Clint Barton(a.k.a Hawkeye) to be joining the game's roster as the first of many post-launch characters, each with their own story that ties into the events in MARVEL's Avengers, but that wasn't all the devs showed off.

The devs say that Hawkeye: My Life As A Weapon from Matt Fraction and David Aja served as a major inspiration for their take on the character, but the stream did not offer much detail on how the hero will actually play. Let us know in the comment section below!

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