Google makes some Google One features free on Android

Google makes some Google One features free on Android

And you can bag a decent 15GB of storage without paying a penny. With the new app, automatic phone backups will be available on iPhones and Android devices for free.

Google has announced a few new features of Android users of Google One, in addition to launching a new iOS app.

Google added phone backups to Google One - the new cloud storage service that launched in 2018 - back in September past year. The backup will use up space out of your free 15GB of cloud storage, so it may be hard to back up all your data. An upcoming iOS app will allow you to retailer media, contacts, and calendars with Google, together with by way of the free 15GB of storage. Another option is to opt for a Google One plan.

And you'll keep your storage (and be able to access your back-ups) if you lose, break or upgrade your smartphone.

Notably these updates are only available for anyone with a Google account and does not apply to G Suite accounts.

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The second feature is a storage cleaner that lets you "easily manage and clean up your files across Drive, Gmail, and Photos", Google said today. Their plans start at $1.99/mo for 100GB and go up to 30TB for $149.99/mo.

According to a new report, Google and Samsung are discussing a deal that would see the Korean tech giant push Google's Assistant in place of the Bixby voice assistant. The possibility to support consumer information is actually mosting likely to be actually on call in every applications where Google One solution is actually on call.

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are "about to merge" so you can chat across both. Plus, Bixby always redirects the user towards third-party services or apps that are either owned by Google or based on their system.

The Google One app for Android can be downloaded here if you don't happen to have it installed out of the box. The tool will only work with Google properties and help you find files and emails with large attachments, it will also be handing all the photos and videos on your phone.

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